Is a degree in international marketing worth it?

pursuing an MSc in international marketing

Marketers today have to consider a lot of aspects while promoting their company’s products or services. With our feet firmly in the digital age, factors like social media consumption, international audiences, and worldwide expansion of the company also play a huge role in deciding marketing strategies.

Therefore, conventional marketing strategies can fall short in effectively targeting the desired customer base. Companies are looking for marketing professionals who can understand the impact of geopolitical and social differences between audiences of different countries and use these insights to capture qualified sales leads.

If you are a marketing aspirant who is debating the worth of pursuing an MSc in international marketing, this blog is for you. It delves into how an international marketing background can help you create a difference as well as your future career prospects.

How can an international marketing degree make a difference?

Owing to stark differences in populations and cultures, the markets in different countries are governed by different factors. Utilizing the same marketing principles across all international markets can end with your company in hot water.

An important advantage of studying international marketing is that it allows you to avoid marketing mishaps and cultural faux-pas in other markets. You can also bypass cultural taboos and customize your products to suit the needs of customers in different countries.

What are the career prospects of an international marketing degree?

You can look forward to excellent career prospects in Germany and the rest of the world once you complete your international marketing degree. According to data, an average international marketing manager in Germany can make anywhere between € 77,023 to € 115,319 per annum.

Apart from attractive pay packages, you can also look forward to diversity in job options. Here are some intriguing career options available to international marketing graduates.

  1. Global marketing managers: Global marketing managers create and implement customized or broad-scope marketing plans and strategies for different global markets that their companies would want to target. They depend on extensive market research and surveys conducted in foreign markets to look at the most effective ways of promoting their products there.
  2. Global market research analysts: International market research analysts conduct extensive research to gather data about foreign markets and audiences. This data might include sales statistics and marketing strategies of local players, yearly market surveys, and the latest product trends across the globe. They are especially valued because of their tremendous role in expanding product offerings and reaching a broader customer base.
  3. International PR specialists: Global PR specialists act as the buffer between the company and the public in foreign countries where the company is trying to expand its operations. They use effective marketing messages and promotional copies to portray a positive brand image and build long-lasting relationships with the local consumers.

Apart from these roles, you can also search for roles like marketing consultants, digital marketers, e-commerce specialists marketing auditors, and marketing copywriters for MNCs.

Invest in a good international marketing programme today to choose an exciting marketing role in the global business domain.