Kid: baby proofing your child with the help of bib and other products

Kid: baby proofing your child with the help of bib and other products

Everyone understands the importance of bibs for newborns. But it’s likely that you didn’t know how important bibs are until you a parent became.

Everything you need to know is right here. A baby bib is a piece of clothing worn by babies and toddlers to protect their skin and clothing from food, spit-up, and saliva. Every baby will need to wear a bib at some time. It might begin as soon as the infant is born or later when the parents begin weaning their child.

Types of bib

Any Bib with Detachable Food Catcher is better than none when it comes to keeping food off your baby or toddler’s lovely attire. You could definitely get away with only one that you clean often, but having a spare bib or two on hand is never a bad idea.

Disposable bibs

While they aren’t practical for regular usage, they can be useful if you forget one while on vacation or are attending an event where you need to be able to toss away anything that isn’t clean. They’re especially useful when you know you won’t be able to clean or spot-treat the material for several hours or days after you arrive home.

Plastic bibs

Plastic bib are thin and comparable to cloth bibs, however they are made of waterproof plastic that can be wiped clean. Even if some include crumbs pockets, they generally don’t catch as much as silicone bibs. Some alternatives are also sufficiently large.

Droll bibs

Yes, they are the ones that resemble hankies or even hipster fashion accessories. If you don’t like that style, drool and dribbler bibs that appear like standard bibs are also available. They’re the perfect size to use when breastfeeding or giving a bottle if you haven’t graduated to solid food yet. They’re also soft enough for baby to wear around the house or out and about.

Care tips to look after a little messy on baby bib

Washing machine

You may wash your baby bib in the same washer as your regular clothes. However, the bibs may only be cleaned on a heat setting of up to 30 degrees Celsius. Anything more than this will destroy the bibs’ water-repellent coating. The bib will operate well when washed at this temperature. In only a few hours, your bib will be completely dry.

Tumble dry

The water-repellent coating on the bibs will be reactivated by using your tumble dryer. So wash it at 30°C and then throw it in the dryer (up to 180°C heat setting) every now and then. As long as the bib wasn’t damaged in the wash with a high heat setting, tumble drying will realign the water-repellent molecules in the fabric.

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