5 ways to remove a tree stump

5 ways to remove a tree stump

Tree stumps removing is very important for your land and property. This is because it improves your property in several ways such as remove pest and disease, increase beauty of your outdoor space, reduce burden of landscape, and help to grow mini trees smoothly. Generally, tree stumps removing means clear the land to cultivate. Some ways can be used to clear you land such as stumps grinding, forestry mulching, brush clearing and land and lot clearing. In today’ writing, an initiative is taken to show how to get rid of unwanted stump. So, let’s see below to get an idea.

By far the fastest method of removing a stump is to mill the heart of the stump away with a stump grinder specially developed for this purpose, also known as a stump grinder. This heavy milling machine has a fast rotating disc with hard chisels and pulverizes the wood from the stump. These router bits can also work well in the soil. So, stump grinding is the most popular and powerful method to remove stumps from you land. 

The preparation is the same for almost all methods. Cut the stump as low to the ground as possible. Only with smaller trees with thinner trunks up to about 20 cm thick can a piece of the trunk above the ground be used as leverage. Then a piece of log of 1, 2, or 3 meters (shorter for thin logs and longer for thicker logs) is useful to pull the stump (possibly on a car or tractor). If the stump is small enough, an attempt can be made to pull the stump out of the earth with a rope attached to a heavy vehicle (for example a tractor). In that case, use a static rope (without stretch) and not an elastic rope (with stretch). An elastic rope can catapult the stump towards the trigger and can therefore be very dangerous.

Cutting is best done with a sharp, strong chainsaw or large reciprocating saw.

CAUTION: Necessary safety precautions must be taken when working with a chainsaw. Saw trousers, specially made to jam a flared chainsaw into the special fabric of the saw trousers, work shoes with a steel toe cap, hearing protection, and face protection.

1. Cutting slots, drilling holes

Sawing transverse slots or drilling holes in the stump to speed up the rotting process does not help if at all in practice. Unless very many and deep holes are drilled so that almost all the wood is drilled away.

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2. mediums

Unfortunately, there are no “remedies” to noticeably speed up the rotting process of a tree stump. A much-heard myth is to drill as many holes as possible in the stump and then put the remedy in there. For example, Epsom salt or rock salt. In practice, however, these agents hardly seem to speed up the decay process and they are usually very harmful to the environment. In any case, never use ordinary table salt, because that also affects the soil around the stump. If chemical agents are used, the root system of any nearby trees may also be affected, because trees of the same species can form a common root system.

3. excavate

Remove paving around the stump as much as possible. Dig a large trench around the stump to the bottom of the stump. The deeper, the better. Use a free patch of soil between the roots to dig a deep hole. Then slide into the earth from the other places that are less accessible. Then saw through all the roots with a chainsaw or large reciprocating saw. Note that the chain of a chainsaw dulls very quickly when it comes into contact with soil and sand. So it probably takes some chains. A large reciprocating saw is often more convenient but also dulls quickly. So a few spare saws are handy.

4. milling

The fastest and easiest method. By means of a rapidly rotating milling wheel, with a number of milling bits attached, the stump is quickly and thoroughly ground into wood chips.

Two options: 1) rent a stump grinder yourself for stumps grinding or 2) have the milling done by a professional.

Because renting is often not cheaper than outsourcing, most people choose to outsource. A stump grinder is a heavy and dangerous piece of equipment and it takes experience to operate the machine properly and to remove the stump properly.

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5. Cover the stump with waterproof material

Cover the stump with plastic or other waterproof material to encourage mold and rot.

In a nutshell, it is found that the above mentioned methods are very effective for Tree stumps removing quickly. Overall, these ways you can apply to clear and clean your land and property properly.