KissAnime: Everything To Know Before Using

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The best online anime streaming site is KissAnime. It has top-quality anime content, users can access without having to pay a dime, take any survey, or register. You can use the site for free and enjoy the user-friendly interface it has to stream, browse and download anime content. The KissAnime site can get used on your phone, tablet, TV, laptop, Apple TV, and any other device without a problem.  Anime, the art loved by many animation fans because of its magical fictional world, bright colors, vibrant characters, entertaining content, and most over the storyline, helped gained the popularity it has from around the world. No matter if you are an anime fan or just a beginner in the anime world; you can use this site without a problem and access any anime you would want.

How does KissAnime work?

KissAnime is a straightforward site to use, with a user-friendly interface.

On the homepage of the KissAnime site, you will get to view the latest anime it updated onto its site. Moreover, on the right side of the site, it shows the top 5 anime according to day, week, and month. It will also show the anime that are currently ongoing, with its latest episodes. You can watch the subbed and dubbed anime versions on KissAnime.

The site understands how it can become extremely hard for users to select the anime they wish to see. That is why they have the Get Random Anime option. In this option, you choose your favorite anime genre and get recommendations accordingly. Every anime on the site comes with a short description of the anime series or movies, its status, release year, genre, and synopsis. 

You can use the search options bar at the top right corner to search from the anime you want or you can go to the Anime List menu, where you can filter the anime according to its alphabets, status, or genres. If you wish to find out the anime trending on the site, you can click on the Trending option. Moreover, you can also go to the Schedule option on the menu bar, where you will get information on the anime releases and when they will update it on to its site. 

The streaming steps on the site are simple. You click on the anime you want to watch, whether it’s the movie or the series. The anime you selected will open, giving you the option to stream it online or download it. Moreover, you can also modify the speed of the anime as you like.

Top 5 Anime You Could Find On KissAnime


Naruto is an interesting and entertaining anime about an orphaned child called Naruto Uzumaki and the mad adventures he has as a Ninja.  Naruto gets guided by the spirit demon he has inside of him, giving powers as the most powerful anime.

Fullmetal Alchemists Brotherhood

This anime is about two alchemist brothers called Edward and Alphonso Elric. Their mother dies, and they try to bring her back using an alchemical ritual. However, the ritual fails and gives them high physical damages. After this, they begin to start their journey in redeeming the mistake they made.

Your Name.

A romantic fantasy anime movie based on a high school girl and boy who unexpectedly get their bodies swapped with one another is the anime movie called Your Name. The movie is attention-grabbing and will have you glued to the screen right till the end.

I Want To Eat Your Pancreas

The anime has a barbaric name and sounds dangerous. However, the plot is the complete opposite. The anime movie is ever so heartwarming and would surely have you in tears by the end of it.

Death Note.

Death Note, the movie many have seen, is a rip-off of this anime. This anime is about a genius teenager who finds the Death Notebook. This book kills anyone whose name gets written on the pages of this book. The series will get you hooked.