How To Play Andar Bahar And Strategy Tips

Andar Bahar

If you are a big fan of cards then you will love this game.

The Andar bahar game is super exciting when you have more than three players.

Further, the game is short as it is played with 1 deck and is super fun.

Before playing this game you should have some basic know-how of this game. This way increases the chances to win.

Most importantly, andar refers to inside and bahar refers to outside. These are the basic terms used in the game.

Well, the game started when the dealer set the cards in an andar and bahar box.

Then randomly dealers pick up any joker card and you have to make a wild guess where it matches either andar or bahar.

Now it’s the time when adrenaline rushes in the body while you are betting on which side-picked joker card finds its match.

After that, the dealer put the card in both boxes. Thus if the joker does not appear in any box then the second bet comes to thrill you more.

Therefore, it goes on and off until one of the boxes is left with a joker.

And finally, if the bettor chosen box gets the joker in, that means that bettor wins while the other loses.

Winning Tips and Tricks:

Isn’t it easy to play this game? 

Surely it is but still, there are some pro tips you need to learn to win.

First Card:

The foremost thing is to keep an eye on the first card dealer is picking. Generally, there are 2 basic suits: red and black.

If the dealer picks a card from black, then it will mainly start from inside the box and if the pick is from red, the dealer will go for the outside box. 

It’s the basic observation made by experts.

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Start with Small:

Even if you are confident that you can win with this easy game, don’t invest a large amount. It’s pointless to take risks in online games.

Therefore, prevention is better than cure. This way you can win more in the long run.

Side Bets:

To facilitate their players they also have side bets to make you earn more.

This system deals with a particular number of cards before putting up a joker card.


Experts advise you to use the money which you win on betting more rather than investing more on money and risking all of it.

Try to keep a balance of your flowing money to prevent yourself from being bankrupt. Thus managing properly and knowing where to stop.

Best Casino:

There is a website called slotxo which gives the best platform to showcase your skills and earn more.

There are multiple variations in andar bahar game on different platforms so make sure you read their rules and regulations if offering something else.

Furthermore, it is always advisable to play with free money, and once you are confident enough then invest yours.

Don’t Forget About Table Limits:

It is seen in most of the cases that when players get so indulged in andar bahar game that they barely focus on other technicalities these games hold.

For example, they lack focus on side bets and even forget about the table limit set by the dealer. Dealer offers every individual to set their limit according to themselves.

So be very attentive when you are playing an andar bahar game with a live player.

This way it will be easy to set your bet. Thus the chances of winning will be more.

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By the end of the article, you are fully aware of all the smart strategies you have to apply when betting on andar bahar game.

Moreover, this article clearly explains how to play this with all rules and regulations.

So alertness is very crucial to make you win and make you a casino guru.

A pro tip here is to just stick on the tips and tricks mentioned above.