Significant Changes and Other Information about the 2023 Chevrolet Bolt EV 


Chevrolet has a few options when it comes to electric vehicles. However, the one which most people prefer to get is the 2023 Bolt EV. It is an appropriate vehicle that people can use for everyday commuting in the city. There have been a few changes to this generation of Bolt EVs especially with its pricing to keep up with competition in the market. To book one, people can reach Burley Chevrolet dealer but take a look at some of the information available for this vehicle. 

The biggest change in this generation’s model 

The most significant change that the Bolt EV has seen is its price reduction. The new prices have been slashed by $5,900; it means that the last generation Bolt cost more. Such a reduction is available now because Chevrolet having produced enough EVs has led to a tax credit that can be applied. 

This generation Bolt comes with adequate power and performance as its earlier versions if not better. Hence, this price drop has made people want to buy it even more now. 

New price of Bolt EV 

The 2023 model has two versions of Bolt EV; 1LT, which is priced at $27,495 and 2LT, which costs $30,895. Getting such a great electric car at these prices makes it a must-buy for people looking to acquire a new EV for themselves. To talk about available deals and exact pricing, people should reach out to Burley Chevrolet dealership

Other important details – powertrain, battery, and more 

Apart from such a price change, other essential things to know about this car would include its powertrain. The electric motor will deliver 200 hp to offer the car ample power and perky acceleration. A torque of 266 lb-ft and horsepower is sent to its front wheels. 

This is a setup that offers exciting responses when the care is accelerated. Also, like any other EV, it can instantaneously move past a signal when the light is green; thanks to its low-end torque. 

It holds on its own when driving on a highway but one might feel less immediate. Most people who get this vehicle are looking to drive inside city limits to complete their errands. Furthermore, people will enjoy a pleasant driving experience along with composed riding capability. Anyone who has negative thoughts about driving an electric car should take a test drive of this vehicle; it will change the way a person thinks about EVs. 

After charging the battery fully, this car will have 259 miles driving range, which is similar to most of its rivals in today’s modern period. Moreover, with its dual-charging chord, people can use either a Level 1 or Level 2 outlet to charge this vehicle. Using a 240-volt outlet (level 2) for charging will allow this vehicle to be fully charged within 7 hours. 

Apart from these fast-charging Level 3 stations can also be used to charge this vehicle. With Level 3 charging, it will add 100 miles every 30 minutes. 

All these showcase Bolt EVs’ supreme capability in this segment. Thus, just visit a dealership and choose yours quickly!