Netgear AC750 Setup: The Ultimate Way to Seamless WiFi Connectivity


When it comes to getting an uninterrupted internet connection in every corner of your home, Netgear AC750 WiFi router will certainly be your best bet. It is a great device that offers seamless WiFi connectivity on all your WiFi-enabled devices. However, to make the most of it, you need to perform the Netgear AC750 setup first.

Don’t know how to set up Netgear AC750 WiFi router? Fret not! Here, we will walk you through each and every step involved in the Netgear AC750 router setup process. Let’s get the ball rolling.

Set up Netgear AC750 Wireless Router

You can set up and install Netgear AC750 wireless router using the smart setup wizard. Below mentioned are the complete steps to help you make your Netgear router up and running:

  • Unpack your Netgear WiFi router properly without damaging any of its accessories.
  • Now, make a wired connection between your Netgear router and modem using an Ethernet cable. It is recommended to establish a cable connection between these two devices while keeping them turned off.
  • After that, turn on both devices.
  • Switch on your computer or laptop and pull up your favorite web browser on it.
  • Be sure that the browser you use is updated.
  • Type in the address bar and press the Enter key.
  • Thereafter, you will be taken to the Nighthawk router login page.
  • Fill in the required login details.
  • Once you have cross-checked the details, hit Log In.
  • You will now be landed on the smart setup wizard.
  • Click on the Yes button.
  • Hit Next.
  • Now, go through the given prompts on the screen.

And there you are! This way, you can set up and install your Netgear AC750 WiFi router without any difficulty. However, in case you come across any sort of technical issues, reach out to our technical experts right away via the comments section.

Configure Netgear AC750 WiFi Router

Once you have successfully set up your Netgear AC750 wireless router, now is the time to configure its default settings to something more secure. You can change the default admin password, WiFi network name, and configure security settings after the Netgear AC750 router installation. Follow the below-mentioned instructions to configure your Netgear AC750 wireless router:

  1. Make sure that your Netgear WiFi router is properly turned on.
  2. Connect it to your modem using an Ethernet cable.
  3. The cable you use should not include any sort of damages or cuts.
  4. Next, open your preferred web browser on your computer or laptop.
  5. Access the router login web page using the default URL.
  6. Enter the user ID and passphrase into the given fields.
  7. Click on the Log In button.
  8. After logging in, you will see your Netgear AC750 router’s dashboard.
  9. Navigate to the Wireless Settings section.
  10. From here, you can change the WiFi password.
  11. For that, you need to enter the old password and then the new one.
  12. You can also change the WiFi network name or SSID to something more secure.
  13. From the Administrative section, you can change the default admin login password for your Netgear WiFi router.
  14. All you have to do is simply type the new password in the passphrase field.
  15. You can also update your Netgear AC750 WiFi router’s firmware if available.
  16. After configuring all settings of your Netgear wireless router, don’t forget to click on the Apply button.

In this manner, you can configure your Netgear AC750 wireless router. Doing so will make your WiFi network more secure and prevent any unauthorized users from accessing it without your consent.