Different Printing Methods for Perfect Outlook of Packaging

Printing Methods
How To Choose Among Offset And Digital Printing Methods

There are different types of printing techniques that enhance the outlook of boxes and increase the publicity of your brand with a better appearance. The distinctive packaging techniques used in companies are all done to upgrade your brand identity. Packaging Mania also helps its customers to uplift their packaging solutions and raise the business strategies with perfect finishing. Our expert manufacturers are working hard to deliver the customers the best kind of boxes that will help them to meet their standards. We utilize excellent quality components including cardboard material. The products can be made prominent in the market with the help of perfect printing and finishing techniques.

The best way to upgrade your brand popularity is to manufacture the packaging in a unique way. Packaging Mania can help you in this regard. We can provide you with distinctive options and styles to make your boxes look elegant and attractive. Our expert team members would surely make your packaging solutions look different from others. There are different printing methods that can be used to upgrade your business. Some of the printing techniques used in Packaging Mania are discussed as follows:

Offset Printing

This type of printing also known as lithography is usually employed by box-providing companies to make the boxes look attractive. It is basically a traditional method that increases the beauty of packaging boxes. The offset printing could be done with the use of high-quality machines that keep the quality of design up to the mark. In this technique, the equipment made from aluminum material plays the main role in imprinting the required design on the boxes. When the ink is added to the equipment, the image gets inked and looks fascinating with distinctive colors. After this process, the image is transferred from the palate to the external surface of the box. Offset printing looks engaging on the cardboard boxes and lasts longer to keep the customers fascinated with your brand. With the help of offset printing, the color gradients are engraved smoothly and the level of colors is also maintained.

Digital Printing

The digital printing technique makes the boxes look astonishingly remarkable. This printing technique is also based on advanced technology and provides a unique outlook to the boxes. The powdered toner is most specifically used for the digital printing that keeps the designs and logos pressed on the cardboard of boxes. The printing tools used for such techniques are also quite costly and expensive. Laser printing or inkjet printing may also be included in this category. The artwork added to the packaging and the graphics designed on the boxes would look amazing while placed on the shelves of retail stores. The skilled team members of Packaging Mania are all aware of different types of printing techniques as well. The biggest issue related to digital printing is that it does not comply with the PMS color combination. However, digital printing is a quick method that can be executed in short time period and the boxes can be delivered ready to customers with the best outlook.

Letter-Press Printing

Packaging Mania also provides the services to engrave letter-press printing techniques. This technique is also known as flexography. This printing technique is an advanced technique that is utilized for different purposes other than customized boxes. Such as cellphones, bags, metals, and various other materials are also inscribed with the help of the flexographic method. Most importantly this printing technique is used to engrave the labels and logos on the boxes that look fascinating to customers. Our expert manufacturers keep the specifications of our customers safe and use similar techniques as they require. There are a number of different inks that can be used for flexography such as water-based ink, oil-based ink, solvent-based ink, and the electron beam. The biggest advantage of this printing technique is that it is less costly and consists of fewer tools and equipment for printing. The quality of such printing increases the outlook of the boxes.

Screen Printing

The expert manufacturers in Packaging Mani also use screen printing techniques that can also be referred to as serigraphy. This printing technique can also be executed on different materials such as paper, glass, wood, ceramic and metals, etc. There are different types of inks that are used in screen printing. These may include plastisol ink, water-based ink, and discharge ink. All of these are used to provide a unique texture to the boxes and keep the outlook engaging to customers. Screen printing is less costly and can be performed on the boxes that are usually used for promotional purposes in the market. Unlike other printing techniques, screen printing does not require a flat surface to get imprinted on the boxes. However, the printing technique does not provide a good quality photo image on the packaging.