Shopping for a Slab of Quartzite? Take Your Time


Are you planning a renovation or building a new custom home? You may think that selecting finishes for your kitchen can be done in a half-hour meeting with your consultant. The pros at Legacy Marble & Granite encourage all of their Lima, OH customers to take their time before settling on a quartzite, granite, or quartz countertop.

No Two Quartzite Slabs are Exactly Alike

Since every counter fabricator sources their stone from multiple suppliers across the world, you know that finding the perfect counter for your Lima kitchen won’t be a walk in the park. However, even if you look at the same quartzite at two different local dealers, you will see variations in the color, texture, and veining. Since quartzite is a natural stone, every slab cut from large blocks results in a slightly different surface. 

Calacatta Mykonos presents a sea of subtle shades of gray, but you can also find a slab of Crystal Tempest in a storm of black. Beverly Blue incorporates fluctuations of the color spectrum. There is simply an unending array of options from which to make your selection.

Visit a Showroom to Fully Experience the Impact of the Perfect Countertop

While planning for your new Lima kitchen, you may visit a home improvement store or kitchen design center that features sample tiles of quartzite. If you think that is exactly how your counters will look, you will be disappointed. Because of the unique appearance of every slab, the only way to really see the veining that may run between your sink and stovetop is to experience the whole slab in person. Take your time to visit a showroom like the one at Legacy Marble & Granite. There you get the chance to see multiple variations of quartzite slabs side by side. Better yet, you can run your hand across the entire piece.

Bring Your Samples for a Proper Comparison

Another tip that the countertop experts at Legacy recommend is to bring all of your samples with you when visiting the array of available slabs. You may have the perfect kitchen image in your mind, but when you hold up the sample of your kitchen cabinets and floor tiles to the stone, you may suddenly need to have a stone with hints of green or pink. Think about how your brass faucet will appear against the counter. What about your stainless steel appliances? You are creating the ultimate space to share with your family. Bringing as much of the picture together in one place helps to ensure your total joy when the job is complete.

When You Love It, You Will Know

Finally, leave yourself open to inspiration when strolling through the aisle of stone slabs of all types. Your stone counter was part of our living planet, so it retains a sense of movement. Just like a painting, each person will respond to each slab in their own way. When you see a piece of quartzite that forces you to stand still and take in every unique aspect, that is the one meant to grace your home. It may not be exactly what you had in mind while making plans.

The folks at Legacy Marble & Granite love to work creating stunning kitchen countertops for their neighbors in the Lima, OH area. They invite you to swing by anytime, grab a cup of espresso, and spend a moment getting to know their always-changing selection of stunning stone slabs sourced from across the globe.