Should Your Vaccination Status Be A Part Of Your Resume

vaccination status

While vaccination has remained a matter of discussion for quite some time, it can be rightfully said that conversations about it have been aggravated tenfold ever since the Coronavirus pandemic struck the globe in 2020. The pandemic has brought a number of changes and one change that’s been widely noticed is the overgrowing need for employment opportunities. In such a scenario where opportunities are scarce, it is essential that you make the best impression, and your resume is the first place for you to start. 

There have been various adjustments in the hiring procedure, which brings forth the question of whether the vaccination status should be a part of your resume or not. These changes could be taken care of through a free online resume builder.

Increase In Vaccine Mandates

It has been noticed that the vaccination status of people is now being considered a significant determinant in the hiring procedure. An online survey conducted by a company suggested that 33 percent of hiring managers would immediately eliminate applicants whose resumes do not include the vaccination status for COVID-19. People might initially find it daunting but they can get assistance from an online resume maker to include these key parts in their resume. Such a hiring process would not be considered a form of discrimination as it is necessary for a safe space according to the guidelines for workplace safety. The exception to such guidelines would-be applicants with extremely strong religious beliefs about people suffering from medical conditions that do not allow them to get a vaccine. The law which allows for citizens’ medical information to be kept private does not include vaccination status and therefore, companies do not violate any laws when they have an interest in the same. 

However, the decision regarding the necessity for vaccination has not been a uniform one. There have been various state and local governments challenging such a stance on vaccines and their imposition on citizens. These authorities have released their laws regarding mandates. 

Nonetheless, it cannot be denied that employers are indeed providing a significant role to the vaccination status while hiring candidates. Many of them have initiated mandates after this worldwide pandemic for a myriad of reasons. Some of them took this decision to keep their policies aligned with those of the government. Others might have done it to ensure the safety of their workforce. Another reason can be the desire of these companies to avoid any hindrance in their work, much like the lockdowns which forced workplaces to shut down and suffer tremendous losses. 

Reasons To Include Vaccination Status On Your Resume

Recent surveys have provided enough reasons for you to update your resume and add your vaccination status. The above-mentioned survey stated that 32 percent of hiring managers prefer vaccinated applicants over unvaccinated ones. Research has shown this preference to be constant in a wide variety of fields, such as education, technology, healthcare, etc. 

Job qualifications are indeed going to be the most important determinant when selecting a new employee but including your vaccination status is going to help your chances of getting hired. Another candidate with the same qualifications as you along with the proof of vaccination is going to have an advantage over you.

Reasons To Exclude Vaccination Status On Your Resume

There are, in fact, people who have decided against taking the vaccine for different reasons. There is a wide range of reasons for the same. Some people claim that they are choosing to rely on their natural immunity. Some others have genuine reservations regarding the components of the vaccine and their possible side effects. In case you have no intention of receiving the shot, you must not mention your vaccination status in your resume. Additionally, if you are choosing to apply for a job with less than 100 employees, you may leave out your status off of your resume.

However, it must be kept in mind that while these may be personally valid reasons, an employer still possesses the right to disregard those reasons along with your application. If you choose to exclude your vaccination status, you run a greater chance of not being hired, compared to a person who did mention their status.

Ways To Include Vaccination Status On Your Resume 

Traditionally, all your relevant information must be mentioned in your resume to ensure the greatest chances of being hired. The Coronavirus pandemic added one more variable to be crossed off the checklist, and that is the vaccination status of the employee. Applicants can use various practices to mention this important detail. A free online resume builder can be used to effectively enhance your resume while keeping them attractive.

1. Mention it at the beginning of the resume

Placing the vaccination status at the very beginning is an excellent option. Keeping it at a prominent position in your resume makes it more suitable for you as the employer would see it quickly.

2. Use concise vocabulary

If you choose to mention your vaccination status, you must use the correct terminology. A resume is a professional document that must include formal language. make sure to use the words “vaccinated” or “COVID-19“. Colloquialisms such as “vax” or “vaxxed” must be avoided at all costs as it gives off an unprofessional impression to the employer. 

3. Maintain Honesty 

You must make sure, to be honest about your status or it can be detrimental later. If you are unvaccinated and the company demands proof of your apparent vaccination, you would be rejected and it will only create problems. 

4. Include vaccination status in your LinkedIn and other social media profiles

Mentioning your status on social media platforms would help you attract attention from recruiters who wish to hire vaccinated job seekers.


It has become apparent that vaccine mandates are expanding more and more in the workplace and no matter what your personal stance on vaccination is, they are going to stay relevant in major hiring processes. Proper presentation of all your details including the vaccination status is absolutely vital in order to have an advantage over other prospective job seekers. An online resume maker can provide you with the right ways to disclose your essential details such that your resume looks professional and sophisticated.