Different Ways to Set Up TP Link Extender


If you want to configure your TP Link WiFi range extender, then there are three ways to do. You can apply anyone of the methods outlined below as per your comfort.

Note: This article can be used to configure any TP Link extender model you have. But for better understanding, we are taking AC1200 for example.

So, without much delay, have a quick look at the different ways to perform TP Link AC1200 setup. Let’s start!

TP Link AC1200 setup

The Manual Method

Follow the instructions provided below to configure your TP Link WiFi range extender manually:

The First Step towards configuring the TP Link extender is to unbox it first. Initiate the process of unboxing the extender carefully.

The Second Step towards configuring the TP Link extender is to plug it in.

The Third Step: Connect the AC1200 device and your existing router using an Ethernet cable. And, this can only be possible if your devices are plugged in near to each other.

The Fourth Step: Are the LEDs on your devices stable? Yes? Then you are free to proceed.

The Fifth Step: Is the software of the computer or laptop up-to-date? Yes, these are the only devices that can be used for TP Link AC1200 setup (manually) process. As already mentioned, if the software on the device you are using is up-to-date, then you can launch a web browser of your choice in it. But, only up-to-date web browser.

The Sixth Step: Type tplinkrepeater.net in the URL bar. This is the reason why we are suggesting you to update the internet browser. Yes, tplinkrepeater.net will definitely give you non-working issues if the browser is outdated.

Using an updated internet browser but still tplinkrepeater.net is not working for you? No problem! Close all the tabs that aren’t needed and clear browsing history as well.

Still getting tplinkrepeater.net not working issues?

Are there any typing errors? Hopefully, you have checked the web address twice after entering it, right?

Then, what would be reason behind the issue? Oh yes! The WiFi network! How did I forget? tplinkrepeater.net will not going to work if you are using mobile or some other’s WiFi network.

The Seventh Step: Is the tplinkrepeater.net not working issue fixed? If yes, then only you can apply this step. Else, you can use the extender’s default IP instead of the web address to reach this step.

To reach the setup page of your TP Link WiFi range extender, you need to provide the default login / sign in credentials first and then click on the Log In button. Button may vary on the device you have.

The Eight Step: That’s it! You are just about to configure your extender. Hold on! Do you have a TP Link extender of model AC1200? No? Then, how can we provide you complete TP Link AC1200 setup instructions. No, not at all! The configuration instructions of each TP Link extender model are different. We don’t want to receive negative feedback from our users. So, it’s better to follow the on-screen instructions.

TP Link AC1200 setup

The WPS Method

This process is a simple as cutting the cake! Yes, that’s right! For TP Link WiFi extender using the WPS method – all you have to do is to press the WPS button on the extender and then on your router.

Once you are done, wait for 4-5 minutes and your extender will be configured. But, make sure that your existing router is WPS capable.

TP Link AC1200 setup Using the TP Link App

This process requires a smartphone and an active internet connection.

  • Download the TP Link app.
  • Login with your TP Link account. If you don’t have an account, create one by using the valid details like email, username, and password.
  • Add a new device i.e. your range extender.
  • Follow the provided instructions and your extender will be configured using the app in blink of an eye. But, during this process, make sure that your extender’s WiFi network isn’t interfered or interrupted by other connections.

So, which TP Link AC1200 setup method you find easy? The users who are reading this article wanted to know that how they can easily configure their TP Link extender as per the reviews.