The Eaton Easy E4 – Programmable Logic Controller

Eaton Easy E4 product

As a programmable logic controller, the Eaton Easy E4 product line ranks as one of the most popular choices available on the industrial system management market. With a dual option of display or no display, almost a dozen expansion device options and an integration of a minimum of four programming languages included, most folks wonder why one would have a system without an Eaton Easy E4 controller installed.

Built for Heavy Multi-Function Applications

Designed with 12 input/output options, and an ability to much more, up to 188 connections, the Easy E4 will continue to provide more capability to expand long after most systems are exhausted with producing additional data traffic needs to the given controller. No surprise, the Eaton Easy E4 easily handles multiple connections simultaneously with lighting, HVAC, facility automation, irrigation systems, pump automation, and energy flow. Most folks would be hard pressed to find an Eaton Easy E4 in service that is only dedicated to managing just one resource. And its compact physical size provides easy installation of the E4 even in the tightest of space conditions.

A Physical Logic Controller Gem in Dimensions

Communicating status and operating details with a flush LCD screen, Eaton Easy E4 snaps to any existing IT network via an ethernet connection or modbus linkup. As a hardware component, the E4 easily passes all necessary UL compliance requirements. And it is incredibly lightweight to handle, ringing in at under 9 oz of weight.

Constructed to Work Under Pressure

One of the key factors that makes the Eaton Easy E4 such a winner on the industrial side is the nature of its display. Most panels exposed to industrial usage and heavy contact usage tend to start to get hazy on the display from micro-scratches and surface damage. The Easy E4 series panels are built with a special resistive interface that is specifically designed for long-term, durable clarity when other panel choices become hard to read over time. In addition, the integrated Galileo software enhances the visual clarity with high contrast detail presentation. The combination provides users a programmable controller that actually operates and makes sense under practical conditions that real users deal with.

And, consistent with the needs for mobile connectivity, the Eaton Easy E4 can also allow a user to fully rely on its integrated web server to deliver data reports and status displays on mobile devices for remote visualization as well.

A Critical Hands-On Support Partnership As Well

Seagate Controls provides system managers direct access to Eaton’s product line, including the Easy E4 series of controllers. And, combined with Seagate’s on-staff specialists for Eaton products, customers enjoy product decision help as well as after-market support managing, setting up, installing and enhancing their Eaton Easy E4 acquisitions. With so many benefits working with Eaton’s industrial product line and network system management options, as well as Seagate Controls help and guidance, folks will find themselves hard-pressed to consider other options for their networks and power grids. With so much included with the Eaton Easy E4 package, customers will wonder why they didn’t go with Eaton sooner.