Things that You Know Before Buying a Cycle for Men

Cycle for Men
Cycle for Men

For a moment, you think everything is perfect when you receive a brand-new bicycle. After a few rides, you only realize that the frame size or type of bike you were given is wrong. Suddenly, your knee hurts, and you hear a loud noise from the disc brakes. Many such issues may come up with the wrong bicycle choice. It’s not as difficult to find a good cycle for men if you consider the right factors. Here are some things you should know before buying a bicycle. 

Identify the purpose of buying a Cycle. 

Know there is a different men’s cycle for every purpose so before buying a bicycle, understand your requirement better and find your best fit at the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store today.

Bike brands you can get today. 

Choosing the right bicycle brand can be challenging since hundreds of different brands can be challenging. After determining your budget and purpose, you can select your bike type based on your budget and purpose. If your budget is less than INR 30000 and you plan on exercising, commuting, or light touring, then a mountain bike or hybrid from the top brands. It is wise to consider a budget that you are willing to spend before investing in cycles without gear. Keep 10% of your budget open to change. Once you’ve decided on your budget, the rest will fall into place. Here are our recommendations for you. 

Here are our recommendations for you.

BrandModel nameCycle function
SCOTT Aspect Aspect 750Hardtail MTB Mountain Bike
FirefoxVolanteShort Commutes
FirefoxCombat 27.5Beginner’s bike 
BTWINRockrider ST 100Expert level MTB rough terrain
FirefoxTyphoon 27.5Beginner’s bike
MontraTrance proBeginner’s bike
Cannonade Trail 4High-performance MTB

Test all the bike components

Bike shops can sell you the incorrect bike model if you aren’t aware of bicycle components. These include the frame type, chain, brake pads, tires, brake cables, handle grips, pedals. All of these are critical to your riding experience. Test ride your bike to gauge each of these listed components’ weight, performance, and functionality level.  

Get a cycle with an efficient front suspension under 15000

Here are your basics on cycles without gear. There is a range of bicycles with a good suspension under 15,000 rupees. 

It’s crucial to get a cycle with a good suspension allowing the tyres to absorb shock and control the balance during a bumpy ride. Essentially, the suspensions are shock absorbers that absorb the road shock.  You can pick between a Hardtail bicycle that has only front-wheel suspension and a full-suspension bicycle that has both wheels with a suspension.

Disc Brakes

There are different requirements for cycles without gear for different riders. As a result, disc brakes make have a different priority for each. 

However, disc brakes could be useful for long journeys allowing the rider to apply much less force to the lever before the bike comes to a halt. A cycle with good disc brakes is a long-term investment that helps you save body energy and muscle fatigue. However, if you are using riding on smooth roads for short trips, a cycle with a V brake is just perfect. 


A bicycle’s frame is its foundation. Ride an uncomfortable bicycle with the wrong frame and you could injure your body. You should look for a bicycle that can carry your body weight effectively. 

You should consider getting a solid bike like the OmobikeModdel 1.7 that can carry the weight of your feet and bottom if you are planning to commute by bicycle. Generally, manufacturers classify bicycle frames into three categories:

  • The heaviest and most durable are the steel frames.
  • Aluminium frames; although they are a bit expensive, they are corrosion resistant and lightweight.
  • Carbon frames that are light, corrosion-resistant, but stiff.

Summary: It is not easy to choose a bicycle. When buying a bicycle for adults or beginners, you need to consider many factors. There is a possibility that you will make a mistake despite the opinions and suggestions. Let’s dive deep and understand the important elements for purchasing bikes. Though everyone may have a different reason to purchase a bike, some features must be considered.

In this article, we’ve explained a few helpful points on buying a cycle on EMI. Do you have plans on a bike for your husband, father, or son? EMI Store may be the right platform to choose from. Additionally, you can avail of No Cost EMI with the Bajaj Finserv EMI network card. 

Find the best cycles for men easily.   

Our Bajaj Finserv EMI Store offers bikes from some of the best brands. You can buy them using the EMI network. Our EMI Network Card lets you loan up to Rs. 50,000 for your dream bike. A loan of up to 4 lakhs can be paid back easily within three to twenty-four months!

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