Thrive: 5 Frequently Asked Questions:

downtime tracking from Thrive

What is a downtime tracking solution? 

As the name suggests, downtime tracking from Thrive is a tool used to instantly begin tracking machine downtime. If any piece of equipment on the shop floor goes down, you’ll know about it – and you’ll know what you need to do to quickly fix the issue.

Does Thrive require a significant amount of effort to get up and running? 

No. It’s a plug and play solution, meaning you don’t have to worry about dealing with servers or anything like that.

Do my users need to be trained?

 No. We designed Thrive to be so straightforward that literally anyone can use it within seconds of activation. In fact, we’ve always believed that if we have to spend time extensively training you on how to use our product, we didn’t design it right to begin with.

Can Thrive be customized to meet my needs? 

Yes. In fact, you can set up your own manufacturing KPI dashboard to make sure that the metrics and other important data that matters most to you is always front and center. This helps guarantee that you’re always making the most informed decisions in the moment.

What is OEE tracking? 

Short for “Overall Equipment Effectiveness,” OEE is the gold standard metric in the world of manufacturing. It helps you understand the quality of what you’re producing, the availability of your lines and their overall performance – all so that you can see which percentage of your enterprise is as productive as it can be.

Is your process for getting up and running completely off-site?

Yes, the entire process is handled off-site. Our expert support team is available to speak and Skype with you if necessary. We also have helpful videos on our website under the support section. On-site installation can be provided for an additional fee.

Do you participate in developing the failure/reason codes?

Yes.  We also send you a brief tutorial on creating “actionable” reason codes.  Once created, these are uploaded directly to your interface.  We highly recommend taking your codes three levels deep to capture as much detail as possible.

Do you provide any software training for data input and use?

Yes.  Once the software is installed, we will schedule our training sessions.  This includes a short webinar training for management, maintenance and anyone else who will be involved with Thrive on how to navigate your administration page, dashboard and reviewing your data.  Your management team will then be responsible for training your operators.

Thrive’s business model is built upon monitoring subscription fees. How long is the contract for this subscription?

As noted in the sales agreement, this is a 24 month contract that can be terminated after 6 months.

If the monitoring subscription is cancelled after 6 months do you still help with software updates and service issues?

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