Tips to keep Secure your Windows Reseller Hosting Account

Windows Reseller Hosting

The windows reseller hosting enables you to build the leading hosting plan’s sub-packages to resell them to your further customers. You get the option to sell unmodified hosting under your brand name. On the other side, you can also fuse your products and services while doing some customizations and then rebranding and reselling the windows reseller hosting service as your own product.

Indeed, there has been an immense growth of the windows reseller hosting business. Companies are claiming to provide the best windows reseller hosting for your website. However, with the advancement in technology, cyber threats are also matching up with the pace. Therefore, all website operators must become aware of all the threats and consequences they can face.

This guide will not only let you comprehend about such dangers but also provide the preventative measures that you can take to secure the windows reseller hosting account. Let us get started!

Security Threats to a Business Website


If you go through the research report of Kaspersky Lab, you will discover that every 40 seconds, one online business gets hit by ransomware. Ransomware is designed with the purpose of obtaining money in an illegal manner. It is the rogue software that blocks the access of the owners to their website until the “ransom” money is paid to the attacker.
Moreover, Kaspersky also states that ransomware is encountered by almost half of the SMBs. The attacks of ransomware have been rising. The website can be taken offline for a short time, but there are cases when even after paying the ransomware amount, the website will continue being in a disabled state. The downtime of the business website can cost you badly.

  • The cost will incorporate –
  • Price of ransom
  • Lost sales
  • The reduction in staff productivity
  • IT experts consultation price to resolve the issue
  • Reputation destruction leading to losses in the future sales
  • Demoted search engine ranking due to blacklisting


The malware is the menacing software that can affect your windows reseller hosting by damaging or disabling the websites as well as the computer systems. According to the Sophos Security Threat Report data, the number of websites that get hacked every day is around thirty thousand. Moreover, the Verizon Enterprise states that a total of 71% of data gets ruptured in the businesses holding less than a hundred employees. Also, it has been estimated by Sucuri Security that Google blocks twenty-thousand websites per week due to the detection of malware. The visitors to such websites will receive a warning stating, “This site may harm your computer”. The customers may not continue further to visit or do any transactions over your website. It not only can destroy the website’s reputation but also cause revenue loss for your business.

Incidental File Deletion

There will be times when the website gets offline only because of a simple user error. While dealing with windows reseller hosting, people often can commit mistakes that lead to a significant loss. For example, one of your team members may attempt to delete some vital content file or database entry accidentally. As a consequence, your website will have to suffer the failure of all the operations.


If we peep into the reports issued by the Anti-Phishing Working Group, we will get to know that the phishing attacks have been increasing. The term phishing is used to denote the illegal practices where the attacker sends fake emails on behalf of genuine companies and trick people into making them reveal their personal information such as identification numbers, passwords, credit card numbers, etc. Furthermore, phishing attacks have found other ways also to trick people apart from emails. For instance, people may be exposed to phishing attacks by just clicking fraudulent social media links. Twenty per cent of electronic mails are being hacked each year, as estimated by the Radicati Group.

Data Breaches

The data ruptures can be caused anytime under the attacks of rogue agents. In most cases of data breaches, the clients’ personal data are stolen and reach into the hands of frauds. Personal data can involve phone numbers, mailing addresses, social security details, etc.
The most extensive discovered data breach in the Internet’s history was revealed at Yahoo. The data breaches happened during the second half of 2016, and around 1 billion user had to compromise their accounts.

Employee Sabotage

Under the cheap windows reseller hosting plan, there is an increase in e-sabotaging businesses worldwide. Who knows, the next victim can be your business. The former or unsatisfied employee can make the website down or may completely imbalanced it with as little as an outdated username and password. The employee can withdraw critical company data and utilize it to benefit or pass it to the third-party. Intermedia and Osterman Research’s survey data estimated that eighty-nine percent of ex-employees still possess access to their company software, hardware, or applications for an extended period post-departure. Therefore, in such cases, the website comes at a risk for data theft or sabotage.

DDoS attacks

It was in the month of October of the year 2016 when windows reseller hosting was exposed to another threat launched by the criminals, known as DDoS. It had become the massive attack against the various big online companies, enterprises or organizations PayPal, Netflix and the PlayStation Network. The attackers engulfed the traffic to the DNS hosting provider, which obstructed the successful websites.
The DDoS attack is the acronym for Denial-of-Service attack. It is caused by bots that flood the bandwidth of the website server, which is at the target of the attacker. As a consequence, legitimate traffic is restricted from visiting the website.

Keep Secure your Windows Reseller Hosting

Here are the tips that can help you to secure windows reseller hosting at the best level.

  • Launch training programs, policies, and procedures to aware your company’s staff and customers about the threats so that they cannot be tricked in the future by any fraud.
  • Incorporate data protection by operating reputable antivirus software tools.
  • Maintain backup systems and strategies to recover your data at the time of accidental loss.
  • Propose SSL certificates to all your customers.
  • Suggest CDN to all your customers.
  • Empower ModSecurity.
  • Keep updating software regularly.
  • Keep running security scans at a regular period.


Though the windows reseller hosting is subjected to various threats and security issues, it still involves multiple ways to fight against all the threats and allow hundred percent security. All you need to do is remain aware and alert of all the system’s functions and keep applying preventive measures to avoid any data destruction or system destruction.