Top 3 Best VPNs For Switzerland: Our Recommendations

Top 3 Best VPNs For Switzerland Our Recommendations

The use of a Virtual Private Network offers the possibility of encrypting its communications with the Internet and of unblocking its favorite geo-censored sites. In addition to that, the VPN in Switzerland will allow you to access all blocked French content. But that’s not the only thing such software can do for you. This is what we will demonstrate to you following the article. Whether you live in Switzerland or are just passing through, you will inevitably find your account there.

Context and Internet surveillance in Switzerland

Switzerland is unsurprisingly on a different wavelength from Europe when it comes to internet surveillance, data retention and online hacking.

Since the country is not part of the European Union, it is not subject to the EU Data Retention Directive of 2006. But Switzerland has introduced its own data retention laws, which have come into effect. effective January 2002.

The use of a VPN in Switzerland took on a little more meaning from September 2017, with the introduction of a new law.

This gives the FIS (Swiss Federal Intelligence Service) the opportunity to closely monitor citizens’ personal communications. Authorities can now wiretap phones, check personal emails and text messages, and monitor Internet traffic.

They can even install malicious software (malware) on citizens’ phones and computers. The goal is to be able, among other things, to monitor the activity of your webcam. They can also listen through a smartphone microphone and steal personal information.

You will understand, if you are looking for how to be anonymous on the Internet, you will need the best ios vpn for Switzerland in 2021.

Why should you use a VPN in Switzerland?

As you can see in this context of Internet surveillance in the country, it is very interesting to use a VPN in Switzerland. But the reasons go far beyond that, which makes this tool a must.

VPN in Switzerland: for security and anonymity

We had to start with the topic we touched on just above: security and anonymity.

As the internet is heavily guarded in the country, it’s important to get one of the best VPNs for Switzerland in 2021. If you want to surf anonymously, without feeling like someone is watching you, it’s primordial. You can then use the IP address of your Virtual Private Network provider, and not expose yours.

The other big advantage is in terms of security. Swiss Internet users, as in every country, are the target of fraud, attempted theft of information, banking data, etc.

Hackers particularly target public WiFi networks. Whether you are at the airport, in a hotel or in a restaurant, the danger is omnipresent.

Unless you choose to use a VPN in Switzerland. Thanks to the 256-bit AES encryption, the use of protocols and sometimes even the double VPN (offered by NordVPN) you will be immune to malicious attacks.

VPN in Switzerland: for streaming

The second very big advantage of adopting the best VPN for Switzerland is to be able to enjoy its streaming platforms, without restrictions.

This is even more true for French people based or passing through the country. Indeed if you want to access sites like MyTF1, 6play, MyCanal, know that this will be made impossible.

Unless you have a VPN subscription for Switzerland with you. As for every country outside the French borders, this problem comes up again.

Streaming platforms restricting access to their content based on the location of your IP address. That’s why you also need for example a UK VPN, among other things. To “skip” this limitation, all you have to do is connect to your Virtual Private Network application and choose a French server.

In addition to that, the best VPNs in Switzerland will allow you to take advantage of numerous Netflix catalogs. We are of course thinking of the most complete catalog, Netflix US. Again, simply selecting a US-based server will suffice. However, we recommend that you opt for a server located on the east coast, in order to be as close as possible.

VPN in Switzerland: for downloading

No matter what country you are in, you absolutely need a VPN to download torrents. And this is of course more than valid in Switzerland.

The downloading of torrents is very widespread there and just like in France, the hunt for people who have recourse to this practice is very important.

This is one more reason to equip yourself with the best Swiss VPN in 2021. You will be able to download completely anonymously and securely.

You should also know that all the providers that we present to you next have the Kill Switch functionality. This feature is literally essential to download without exposing your IP address.

VPN in Switzerland: for full Internet access

Censorship is not very present in the country since it appeared in the top 10 of the most free countries in a recent study. But in some contexts, you won’t be able to access sites that are well known to you, unless you have a VPN for Switzerland.

Facebook, sports betting and gaming sites are in fact blocked in most businesses, schools and universities.

The best VPNs in Switzerland for 2021 will allow you to bypass these limitations, ensuring you have access to all content on the internet.

Top 3 best VPNs for Switzerland

Now that you have seen the different uses and benefits of using a VPN in Switzerland, it’s time to present our top 3 to you.

To achieve this, we tested the biggest names in the VPN world, and compared their strengths and weaknesses. Here is the result of this study.


The best VPN for Switzerland in 2021 is none other than ExpressVPN. The supplier based in Hong-Kong has won this place thanks to substantial advantages.

We can thus cite the customer experience that it offers to its users with support available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

But that’s not all, ExpressVPN relies on exceptional speed, which makes it the fastest VPN in Switzerland and around the world.

Another advantage is its satisfied or refunded guarantee. It will allow you to test its offer without obligation, for 30 days!


CyberGhost is a great VPN service for Switzerland. Its software and applications are very easy to learn and use.

It will also allow you up to 5 simultaneous connections, which is almost the best number on the market (only NordVPN and PrivateVPN doing better).

Another of its strengths is that the company is based in Romania, in addition to that it undertakes not to keep any logs of your activities, which reassures the most vigilant. You will understand CyberGhost has great assets to showcase in this ranking of the best Swiss VPNs in 2021.


NordVPN is also a great choice if you are looking for a VPN for Switzerland. It offers its users a choice of over 4000 servers across the world. Enough to place your IP address in the most exotic places if necessary and thus access geo-blocked content.

The supplier also provides you with 6 simultaneous connections, with a single subscription. You will be able to protect all your devices, or share your subscription with family or friends.

And like its peers in the top 3 VPNs in Switzerland, it offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. What to get involved without taking any risks.