Top 7 IT Certifications For Government Employees

CISSP certification training
CISSP certification training

The experts of IT work for the government sector are lucky in such a way that they own an opportunity to get more knowledge and obtain professional level certificates with regards to their work. However, if a person is planning to keep working for the US government, there are a few of the Info-Tech certificate programs which one should have on account to provide you a touch of confidence among others. It isn’t that easy to obtain a job in the field of Info Tech and specifically in the government sector. Though, a strong educational background and influential working experience are required to give you a competitive edge.

All the same, this is the reason Info-Tech certificates are having a noteworthy significance. Achieving an IT certificate doesn’t have any other thing to compare with your educational background. It’s the most attractive aspect of taking a start in a career in Info Tech. Your educational experience isn’t a prerequisite to obtaining a certificate in the domain of IT.

Top 5 IT Certifications – Government Employees

Cisco Certified Network Associates

However, it is vendor-specific, the Cisco – Certified – Network – Associates much famous in the market of IT experts who works in federal government sectors. As after getting Cisco online training, also makes them ready to keep working with different protocols in any government sector. This certificate shows that a person owns the entire essential abilities, as well as the level of understanding to perform other kinds of Cisco devices within their system. It would also identify and offer resolutions to usual networking related problems. They have an opportunity to get specialization in security, or wireless networking domain. This certification would allow the individuals in the domain of Info Tech – as numerous organizations are in a search of this precise certificate in the newest entry-level job. The procedure of certificate is quite easy, and the process of study would also be much stimulating while you’re applying yourself.

CompTIA’s Security+

This is a kind of certificate examination specifically designed for the Info-Tech security experts. It measures your proficiency in the domains of networking security, accessibility control, cryptography, app security, and data, detects and handles susceptibilities and threats, host, operational security, compliance, and identity management. Security designers, info assurance specialists, security managers, systems administrators, networking managers, and network experts would be assessed to observe either they have enough level of understating about tools, processes, and ideas of security, anticipate risks as well as protect the system.

Certified Information System Security Professional (CISSP)

Certified – Information – System – Security – Professional (C-I-S-S-P) is a universally renowned certificate in the InfoTech industry for government employees. This certificate is verifying the InfoSec proficiency of the candidates with the main motive to protect the company from a cyber-attack in any government sector. This certification shows wide-ranging administrative and technical abilities to control and engineering info security courses. This CISSP certification training encompasses eight subjects. Those subjects are; security operations and software development, software development safety, security valuation and analysis, security engineering, the security of communications and networks, identity and accessibility management, safety and risk management, and asset security.

CompTIA Network+

This certificate authenticates that a person owns the entire essential abilities, as well as knowledge to achieve a job in a government department. However, in the domain of network security, network management, network technologies, and network installation, along with the knowledge about open network interconnection model, as well as virtual network. So, in that case, if a person is working in any of the government sectors, particularly network technician, help desk specialist, Info-Tech cable installer, or else associated designations – then this is definitely for you.

Google Cloud Professional (GCP) Cloud Architect

The Google – Cloud – Professional (G-C-P) Cloud-Architect certificate authenticates your capability to keep working with the Google-Cloud strategies within the organization and to manage, develop, and design measurable and safe business resolutions within the cloud. The examination encompasses planning and designing, provisioning and managing, executing cloud architecture. You would also be analyzed your capability to assess and enhance business procedures, design with safety, and cooperation in mind, and make sure they are working dependably. The entire Google Cloud certificates get expire right after the duration of 2-years from the time they are received, and you would require to recertify on account to balance the status.

Federal IT Security Professional Certification

Since every single certificate program is often universal, the Federal Information Technology Security – Professional – Certificate highlights your abilities and also assesses what you know. On the other side, it also authenticates that those individuals are in a tune along with the topmost standards and practices of the federal department. It’s open to IT experts who are previously working in any of the governmental sectors. This certificate examination contains a hundred and fifty questions; computer-based examination whereas its costs are around $295 each.  This exam’s passing score is cutting-off at 75 percent. Applicants who do not successfully clear this examination would take another same one at a 50 percent discount in the upcoming time.

Certified Information Security Manager (CISM)

The Information – Systems – Audit – and Control-Association (I-SA-C-A) provide a Certified-Information-Security-Manager certificate for the experts searching to moving towards from security technician to the Info-Tech manager. The role of a CISM is to keep designing and engineering security protocols, as well as managing the security of a company. The examination cost of CISM is about $576 for the members of I-S-A-C-A, whereas for the non-members it’s $760 and would be obtained online or at any of the local test institutes. It would charge an extra $50 to request certification when the examination has been cleared. A person would apply for the certification in the course of the initial 5years after clearing the exam. 


The department of Info Tech is uncertainly one of the rapidly evolving fields within the globe, and taking the initiative of your prosperous career in this domain is a track towards a successful life. There are a lot of opportunities – waiting for those individuals who are interested to make their career in the world of IT, specifically in the government sector. On the other side of the coin, similar to other career pathways, there is a need to comprehend the basics and build abilities – that would make your practice within the field. For that reason, attaining a certificate is very essential while you are initiating your career pathway in a particular direction.