Two Wheels vs Four: Advantages of Motorbike Commuting


Road journeys are the simplest & the best way of commuting from a place to another. It gives you the liberty, freedom of deviating from the plan, stopping by the roadside for attractions & diversions unexpectedly. It helps in nourishing your mood and mind, makes you forget about all the worries beside and create a bundle of memories.

Traveling in your vehicle gives you more comfort & pleasure while traveling Four-wheelers provide more comfort, safety, & high status. While Travelling in a car your whole-body mass is distributed fairly which makes handling and high-speed cruising easy. A Lot of people find cars more secure both physically & psychologically. And four-wheelers indeed pose lesser safety risks but in reality, by the use of proper motorcycle safety gears, you can lower the risk of any fatal injury in event of any crash.

While two-wheelers are more affordable and convenient, the fun and adventure it offers are unmatchable. These days they are rising in the trend. Both of the vehicles have their pros & cons.  

Advantages of Motorbike Commuting

Here are a few factors that will help you in deciding why motorcycles are the best ride for commuting. 

Let you enjoy the beauty: 

While riding on a two-wheeler, you get to enjoy the surrounding scenic beauty more than four-wheelers. You will be able to get a full view of nature & see what is happening around you.


A motorbike helps you in escaping the congested road. A lot of people who commute through congested areas on regular basis prefer motorbikes as they are highly convenient in that situation. They help you in saving time. 


Motorbikes are cheap and easy to maintain compared to four-wheelers. From maintenance to fuel consumption, repair cost to service cost, Toll fee to parking fee motorbikes are easy on pockets. Moreover, motorbikes are self-driven, which also saves the cost of hiring a driver. They allow you to carry your luggage with you on motorbike backpacks.


Two-wheelers are very convenient when it comes to parking. There is space for them. They can be parked anywhere. They do require too much space or cause unusual issues as they can fit into tight spaces. It is the best transportation choice for traveling on roads.

More Adventurous: 

Two-wheelers ride on mountainous areas or simple zooming on the highway, is more adventurous compared to a car. Curvy cuts that your ride makes on the mountains make you enjoy the amazing views particularly. It has more risks but no doubt brings more adventure. Make sure you wear all the safety gears before you hit the road on your bike. 

No toll tax: 

That’s another advantage of riding on a two-wheeler. It makes you save a few bucks when it comes to passing the tolls. Moreover, you have the convenience of passing through a different lane that is exclusively reserved for the two-wheelers. No tax is charged there.

Vehicle for all roots: 

No matter if it’s a road, Mountain trail, busy city road, crossing a meadow on a motorbike you can ride anywhere. It’s a ride for every root. You can trust your ride when it comes to crossing multiple roads along with different conditions. Moreover, they securely carry your motorbike luggage when fastened properly through those roots. 

Saves traffic time: 

Hitting the congested road is highly frustrating, and we go through it almost daily. It often causes us to get late for work. On those two-wheelers is your companion. It can pass by easily through sharp places that save time if the root is blocked. It acts way efficiently when you are stuck in traffic.

Act as Stress Buster: 

Ride on a two-wheeler after your busy and stressful day serves as a stress buster. It gives you the liberty of moving out and roaming on the streets to having a wonderful experience. Without any doubt, it will make you feel great. 

Connect you with Nature: 

Riding on a motorbike allows you to touch nature closely. You may feel that you are the same as your surroundings. No barriers of windows, doors, or anything between you and nature.  

Your Girl likes It: 

According to a study, girls prefer fun and adventure, they are more inclined to go out with a guy on a bike than with a car.

Moreover, commuting on your bike enables you to interact with the locals. It allows ease of asking for directions, chatting with folks. That way you can observe your natives and surroundings more closely which helps you to dissolve in your native culture.