We love vitamin E, and we cannot lie


We are all on the lookout for that one ingredient that will save our skin and hair and save us a ton of trouble.

In our busy routines, there is seldom enough time to use sixteen different products for the skin and hair, that address the very many problems and yet not break our bank.

Vitamin E might just be the answer to your prayers. Found in natural foods and in synthetic form, vitamin E refers to oil-soluble antioxidants that address plenty of skin and hair problems.

However, for targeted treatment of some special problems, you should stick to the regimen prescribed by your Dermatologist in Islamabad

Vitamin E benefits for skin

Antioxidants are important to protect skin against damage by free radicals. Other benefits of vitamin E for the skin include:


Cleaning your skin properly is vital to restoring its health. Otherwise, it is bound to run into problems like breakouts and clogged pores.

Vitamin E is an excellent cleanser. It offers a deep clean, removing the impurities from the skin and leaving your face clean.

Good moisturizer

Moisturization is important for to keep the skin smooth. Moreover, dehydration also leads to premature aging as well. Dry skin does not look appealing either. It is also very hard to apply makeup on it, as it tends to then stand out.

Vitamin E on the other hand helps in moisturizing the skin because of its oil-soluble properties.

Lightens dark spots

Hyperpigmentation refers to areas of the skin that have higher pigment in the skin, giving it a darker color. It, therefore, leads to uneven skin. Vitamin E helps in addressing this problem.

Prevents premature aging

We all want to have youthful skin. Vitamin E can help with this agenda of yours. It helps in preventing the signs of premature aging that include fine lines and wrinkles. Moreover, vitamin E also promotes the production of collagen, the skin protein that helps it be taut and smooth in texture.

Vitamin E benefits for hair

Just as vitamin E is great for the skin, it is also beneficial for the hair as well. Benefits of vitamin E for your mane include:

Blood flow

Our hair follicles also need adequate blood flow for growth as well as nourishment. Lack of adequate blood supply leads to hair loss as well. Vitamin E, according to preliminary research, can help with improved circulation to the scalp.

Healthy scalp

In order to have healthy hair, it is vital to pay heed to the health of the scalp as well. Vitamin E can help you with this endeavor. Its antioxidative properties facilitate in making the scalp healthy, thereby allowing for strong hair.

Shiny mane

Shiny hair looks not only luscious and healthy, but it also makes it easier to style them –when you do not have to worry about hair looking lifeless, styling comes easier as well. Here too, vitamin E comes to the rescue.

 Vitamin E oil adds shine to the hair as it coats the strand, and also protects the hair from damage late on as well. Moreover, oil also helps in keeping the strand well moisturized, which also contributes towards it being shiny.

Preventing hair loss

We all want a head full of hair, but persistent hair fall can make it harder to win this battle. Vitamin E can help you though with this. Due to the antioxidative properties, vitamin E protects against hair loss, since as per research, one of the reasons why we lose our hair is oxidative stress.

However, relying on vitamin E oil alone will not suffice always, since there are various causes of hair loss, including medication and hormonal health. In such instances, it’s best that you confer with the Best Skin specialist in Karachi with regards to preventing hair fall and promoting hair growth.