What Is the Structure of Hair and How Does It Grow?

Structure of Hair

In this world for many people, hair is a natural part. It gives them their look and leaves an expression of their personality on others.

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We know that your Hair can also gives you some protection and prevent you from so many things.

Like, your hair keeps you away from sun rays which are harmful to the head. It also protects your scalp. 

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Just like your eyelashes and eyebrows, they also keep dust dirt sweat away from your naked eyes.

We have hairs even in our noses and on our ears. The reason is the same.

You might don’t know that these hairs help the human body to regulate our body temperature. 

Apart from a few different places, like the inside of the hand (palm) and the outer side of the feet, these 2 places of humans are hair-free, but all body surfaces have some hairs on them. 

The number of hairs might vary because of genetics. There are two main types of hairs. Shorter and Thinner.

We know that all humans are different from each other. Their characteristics also vary.

Some people have so many hairs on the body and others have few.

It depends on age, sex and in some cases it depends on genetics too. The adult body structure is different from children. 

Children’s bodies mainly have few hairs, for example.

Overall 30 percent of the body’s surface is covered with terminal hair in women, and about 90 percent of the body surface is covered with terminal hairs in men.

Each hair has a different hair shaft and has a root from where the hair starts.

The hair shaft is the clearest part of the hair. Meanwhile, the root of the hairs is inside the head skin.

We cannot see these roots with our naked eyes, because there are so many layers.

Also, It is surrounded by the hair follicle, the follicle is a tissue present on the scalp.

The follicle tissue is connected to a tiny muscle called the arrector pili, due to this you’re able to make the hair stand up that can make the hair stand up. 

A single hair may look simple, but according to the doctors, it is the most difficult structure of the human. Human hair is made up of two different structures. 

Follicle and shaft, the follicle is the part below the skin that cannot be seen by naked eyes, and the hair shaft is what you see above your skin which we can touch, feel and see.

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Inside the head, new cells are constantly produced in the bulb.

All these cells stick together for some time and get hardened. The production of hair is complicated.

Full development of hair from one initial step to the final step takes some months.

New hardened cells keep on connecting to the hair from the bottom, then the cell is gradually pushed and pumped up out of the skin. 

Once the air is pumped out of the skin you can see the hair on the head. Also, it grows at a rate of about 1 cm per month.

Doesn’t matter whether it is thin straight or thick curly. The theory of round hair is a bit different from the round hair produced straight on the outer skin like on the shaft. 

Now talking about the color well it depends on the genetics but in some cases, the hair color is determined by the amount of melanin in the cell, And it changes throughout a lifetime. 

The amount of this melanin n hardened call decreases as people get older.

The color of the hair is determined by the amount of melanin in the hardened cells.

This can vary a lot from person to person, and it changes throughout a lifetime.

The amount of melanin typically decreases as people get older.

When new hair cells start to grow in the hair bulb, directly the hair continues to grow even longer. 

The growth phase and the process are named Anagen Phase.

It is scientifically approved research that this process of anagen phase never stops, it stops when humans stop breathing.

And 90 percent of human body hair is always in the growth phase. 

You also need to maintain your hair properly, because hairs are very sensitive, we humans are constantly losing hair.

Just sharing the fact that healthy adults may lose about 70 to 100 hairs each day.

So next time when you see hair fall don’t panic it’s normal. New hair cells are always growing and replacing them.

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The hair growth procedure of every person is different. Some have thick hair and some have thin but the hair type doesn’t affect the growth.

If you want to grow your hair quickly then there are alot of ways for doing so which include oiling, you can trim or cut your own hair, hair masks, serums, and much more. 

There are many vitamins for hair growth also you can ask your doctor about it.