What is an Automobile Designing Course?

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Automobile designing has grown in the past decade. This field is not only related to automobiles, but it has included all wheeled transportation forms. This ever-changing field provides the designer with a progressive and zestful work environment.

The main responsibility of an automobile designer is to design an automobile for appearance, components, and ergonomics. An automobile designing course is the sub-aspect of mechanical engineering and has a crucial role in the automobile industry.

An automobile designing course will help enhance one’s knowledge and prove a plus point when applying for a job role in the same field.

What is Automobile Designing?

Generally, an automobile designer is a professional who works on the vehicle’s design. A full team of automotive engineers and designers is required to curate the vehicle’s functionality, including electrical, appearance, mechanical, and safety aspects. 

This field requires a combined knowledge of hardware, creative analysis, and critical skills. An automobile designer must be equipped with technical expertise in ergonomics, vehicle body parts design, designing software, etc.

Design for Manufacturing (DFM) plays a crucial role in the design stage of an automobile. There are chances for improvement during the design stage, where the cost of changes is still relatively small. DFM is a process of technical analysis during the manufacturing of a product. Its main aim is to identify whether the product’s needs are fully met. It helps in understanding the best combination of material with technologies.

There are many Manufacturing Design courses in India to gain hands-on experience and expertise in DFM. 

Courses in Automobile Design

There are various courses in automobile design that one can pursue, whether they are applying for a job or looking for advanced opportunities in their current job. In India, there are good Automobile Designing courses in Delhi, Haryana, Gurgaon, Chennai (also known as the “Detroit of Asia”), etc. Some other courses available in the Automobile design field are as follows:

  • Automotive engineering: Vehicle designs
  • Transportation design
  • Automotive and transportation course

One can also pursue an undergraduate degree as B.tech in automobile engineering. These courses will teach you about the following:

  • Developing design guidelines in vehicle design
  • Working with computerised models to determine the efficiency of the vehicle.
  • Ensuring the safety of already-made automobiles
  • Designing blueprint for new automobiles

An automobile designer can also choose a specialisation when working with automobiles.


There is a team of engineers who work together in various fields for the manufacturing of an automobile. The designers are bound to have various skills, including technical, creative designing, innovation, etc.

The need for automobile designers is increasing globally as foreign companies demand skilled and low-cost professionals in the field since customers pay for comfort, aesthetics, and appearance. 

Becoming an automobile designer takes extra hours and hard work, as designing sketches at a professional level is challenging. One must have a creative mind with modelling abilities with some critical and technical skills to be skilled personnel in automobile design.