What is Zero Trust Implementation Using the Five-Step Methodology?

What is Zero Trust Implementation Using the Five-Step Methodology

Zero Trust implementation has been accepted as a viable method for preventing cyberattacks. Companies are reluctant to begin the Zero Trust journey because of the traditional security models and “all or nothing” concept. A zero confidence architecture is much easier to implement than it does not display it before. A zero-trust system does not require a significant overhaul of your current IT infrastructure. You can use your existing tools and technologies to deploy it iteratively as an alternative.

Using a five-step model for Zero Trust implementation and maintenance, you can see where you are and where you need to go next in the process. These are the steps that you need to take:

1- Protect the surface by defining it. Reducing the attack surface is no longer a viable strategy in today’s ever-changing threat landscape. Defending against an ever-expanding attack surface is nearly impossible. Instead of focusing on the attack surface as a whole, Zero Trust lets you define your protection surface. The data, applications, resources and services (DAAS) that are essential to the success of your business are all included in the “protective surface”.

A few examples of DAAS you must add to your protective surface are listed below:

  • Data: Individually identifiable information (PII), credit card data, protected health information (PHI), and data derived from intellectual property (IP)
  • Applications: Off-the-shelf or custom software can use for the applications listed.
  • Assets: A company’s assets include SCADA systems, POS terminals, medical equipment, manufacturing equipment, and Internet of Things (IoT) devices.
  • Services: Domain Name System (DNS), DHCP, and Active Directory

2- To create a microperimetry with policy statements that are limited, precise, and understandable, you can move your controls as close as possible to the protected surface.

3- Trace the path of each transaction. The way traffic moves across a network determines how it should protect. As a result, understanding how your DAAS is interconnected is critical. Keeping track of how various resources interact helps you enforce controls properly and ensures that the rules protect your data rather than hinder your business.

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4- The goal is to build a network with zero Trust. Zero Trust networks are not based on a single, universal design.  As a result, the architecture is built around the surface. Define your protect surface and map flows according to your company’s requirements, and then start designing the Zero Trust architecture, beginning with a next-generation firewall. The next-generation firewall creates a micro perimeter around the protected surface by acting as a segmentation gateway. Up to Layer 7, a segmentation gateway allows you to impose additional inspection and access control for any resource access within the protected surface.

5- Put in place a policy of complete distrust. Once the network has been properly designed, an authorization list of resources accessible to others  using the “Kipling method” must be created. One of the most well-known poets in literature, Rudyard Kipling, explored the questions of “who” along with “what,” “when,” “where,” “why,” and “how.” As a result of employing this technique, we can state the following:

  • Who should access resources?
  • To access a protected resource, what type of application is required?
  • During what period is the help being used??
  • Where is the packet destination?
  • What is the purpose of this packet’s attempt to access this protected resource?
  • How is the package interact with the protected surface?

6– It is possible to ensure that only known permitted traffic or legitimate application communication is allowed with this level of policy enforcement.

7- Keep an eye on the network’s health and perform routine maintenance. Once all internal and external logs have been checked through Layer 7, Zero Trust’s operational aspects will examine in this final step. It is essential to monitor and log all traffic because Zero Trust is ongoing.

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To iteratively migrate other data, applications, assets, or services from your legacy network to a Zero Trust network in a cost-effective and non-disruptive manner after completing the five-step methodology for implementing your first protect surface,