Why choose a natural wig


Why choose a natural wig? There are two main categories of wigs: natural wigs and synthetic wigs. Each of these fake hair has its advantages and also its disadvantages. But it is better to go natural in some cases.

Natural wigs

U part wig human hair. These models can be styled and cared for, therefore, like real hair. In particular, you have the possibility of coloring them and using them with heating devices such as a straightening iron or a curling iron. These models also give a more realistic effect. They are in principle undetectable and durable. It is sometimes difficult to differentiate natural wigs from real hair.

However, natural wigs require a bit more maintenance and weigh more than synthetic wigs. They are also sensitive to climate.

Why Opt for a natural wig?

Synthetic wigs come from synthetic fibers. These models have seen enormous progress in recent years. There are currently synthetic wigs similar to natural hair both in appearance and feel. Synthetic wigs are less expensive and easy to maintain. They are also lightweight.

However, synthetic wigs are heat sensitive. You cannot color them or style them with an iron. Models that are not high quality are also very identifiable by touch.

Which model of the wig to choose?

In principle, a natural wig sometimes costs five times more than a synthetic wig. Synthetic hair models are more affordable. Before opting for one or the other solution, it is therefore wise to take a close look at your budget. But apart from the price, many other criteria will also have to come into play when choosing a wig, such as the cut, the color, and the brand. And natural wigs have a lot of advantages and are of superior quality, although there are situations where it would be ideal to opt for a synthetic model. In fact, it is important to consider several parameters before making your purchase so that you can choose the best curly u part wig design for you.

Choosing the right wig color

Choosing the right wig is important. It should be your size, with a color that should look more natural and an adequate length. Sometimes the step that we overlook and that leads us to the wrong choice is neglecting the color of our wig. Indeed, it is advisable to find a model close to the color of his hair. In this case, it is better to opt for a color that highlights your complexion and the color of your eyes. A darker wig can, for example, dull fair skin. However, nothing prevents you from taking advantage of the opportunity to change color and also appearance. Therefore, you can bet on a blonde wig. The advantage with the blonde color is that it balances the skin tone and highlights the eyes while creating some contrast. However, be sure to choose the right color because too light a shade will not highlight a dark complexion. Here are some tips to follow to properly adopt a blonde wig:

For very fair skin, choose a blonde shade with coppery chestnut. Nevertheless, it is possible to opt for darker colors to create a slight contrast with the eyes;

For fair skin, opt for colors ranging from blond to dark brown;

For dull to dark skin tones, a dark color is ideal to lighten the complexion. It is not very recommended to choose blond to avoid the artificial effect.