Which MBA course is the best to study in Singapore?

Which MBA course is the best to study in Singapore

Master of business administration degrees is allowing students across the world to connect with potential employers in an increasingly global market platform. Studying an international business MBA programme in Singapore can help you find jobs in a variety of sectors, even those that are remotely related to your degree.

As an international business graduate, you will become in demand in the eyes of potential recruiters working in the field of sales, finance, HR and marketing. Some of the largest numbers of global business graduate vacancies are found in technology companies, recruitment agencies, management consultancies and banks.

It is almost always expected of international employers to have their offices based in large cities, allowing fresh graduates to settle in a country that they prefer to live in. Singapore has some of the largest numbers of international business graduate vacancies that can be found on the early stage career websites and on the social media accounts and web pages of global companies that you’re interested to work for.

Let’s find out why studying an MBA course in Singapore is probably the best economic decision that you will ever make!

What are the top skills that you can gain by studying master of business administration international business postgraduate programme in Singapore?

Graduating with an international business MBA under the belt will allow you to experience the versatile professional journey that allows you to work in different countries and learn about a variety of cultures thriving across the globe. Let’s dive into some of the in-demand skills that you can gain by completing an MBA course in Singapore:

  • Teamwork and collaboration
  • Research and analysis
  • Problem-solving and critical thinking
  • Planning and management
  • Effective business communication
  • The ability to motivate others

Besides the above-mentioned skills, studying for a global MBA degree from Singapore will also allow you to demonstrate a wide array of transferable skills such as curiosity, cultural awareness, flexibility and proficiency in different languages, to name a few!

You can also choose to study further and on licences for private business practice including memberships of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), chartered management institute (CMI) and Chartered Institute of personnel and development (CIPD). This will not only allow you to gain expertise in fields such as digitised marketing or innovation but also allow you to train as an entrepreneur abroad.

What can you do with an international business management degree?

As an international business degree holder, you can either choose to continue with further study, become employed or work while studying a part-time course specialisation on the side. Some of the popular jobs that are available for international business graduates include the following:

  • Human resources
  • Business associate professional
  • Administrative Expert
  • Business Research analyst
  • Finance manager
  • Sales and marketing head

You can also choose to take up work within the customer service, retail, catering, public relations and secretarial departments. To find out more about what MBA graduates with specialisation in international business are doing after obtaining their qualification, visit our website today and hit the apply button!