Why Buy a Semi-Luxury 2022 Buick Encore SUV?


The 2022 Buick Encore is an SUV that is semi-luxury but its starting price is just $25,795. Such an incredible vehicle at such reasonable pricing is something people can’t fathom easily. However, what makes this vehicle incredible in the first place? 

Well, to understand what makes this semi-luxury SUV a remarkable automobile and why you should buy it, you need to go through its specs that details its ability and more. So, take a look at these before reaching Idaho Falls Buick dealer


This compact SUV comes fitted with a 1.4L turbocharged engine that produces more than enough acceleration when on road. Standard transmission available is an automatic six-speed and FWD drivetrain. You can buy the AWD variant too but will cost you an additional $620. 

Steering is adequately engaging along with being precise and comfortable, which buyers of small crossovers can expect. Also, another notable aspect of this car is the suspension system that soaks up any bump quickly, which in turn, dampens harsh impacts without fail. This is how this small crossover offers a smooth and comfortable ride to all who are inside the cabin. 

The FWD drivetrain model will provide you with a mileage of 25 mpg if you are in a city and 30 mpg if you opt for driving this vehicle on a highway. The AWD version offers just 1 mpg less in both city and highway, making the numbers stick at 24 mpg and 29 mpg. 

Such performance alone is enough for people to understand, why one should buy the 2022 Buick Encore if one is looking for a small crossover. Now, take a look at the interior and other features that ensure comfortability and more. 

Interior aspect 

Apart from a few features, the entire interior is filled with premium amenities that lead it to look like a semi-luxurious vehicle. The glossy trim along with smooth plastics for center console and door panel does look less than classy. However, everything else gives this vehicle an aesthetic look that will simply astonish you. 

Soft-touching armrests along with a dash-pad make the atmosphere quite upscale. Also, the background with jewel-colored accents and flush-mounted touchscreen for accessing infotainment and more, adds to the premium factor that this vehicle’s interior has. 

Straightforward controls, clear and concise layout along with knobs for controlling climate give this interior a classy vibe that is missing in most of the vehicles of this segment. Also, comfortable and high seating for drivers is appreciated by anyone who will drive this car. 

Smartphone integration, onboard Wi-Fi, satellite radio, Bose 7-speaker system, and more are features that will help you feel the luxurious vibe that Encore’s interior provides. You can get more details if you reach Idaho Falls Buick dealership

Such features and performance are what make the 2022 Buick Encore have a semi-luxurious aspect that most small crossovers fail to offer. It starts from $25,795 for the base trim; however, you can also choose the Preferred AWD version, which is $26,415. Therefore, just contact a dealer and get yourself this amazing vehicle immediately.