Why shouldn’t you worry about Athenahealth EMR cost?


Athenahealth EMR

Athenahealth EMR is one of the most popular EHR software out there if you haven’t already heard about it. Athenahealth EHR was developed in 1997 and got famous in just a little while because of its outstanding EHR features. Athenahealth EHR is designed with great focus keeping the demands of physicians in mind which is why it is so widely known.

The software is quite popular for improving workflow efficiency as well as productivity within days of installation. The software has some outstanding EHR features that totally justify Athenahealth’s cost. It has almost everything that is expected from an EHR software. If you are looking to improve your workflow productivity, this software would be a great pick for that. 

Since Athenahealth EMR features make its cost completely worth it, let’s move forward and find out the top EHR features that it offers to its users. 

Athenahealth EMR Top Features

1. Excellent Patient Portal for Improved Patient Engagement

There are multiple reasons why Athenahealth EMR would be a great choice for your practice but one of the top reasons to have Athenahealth in your practice is its Patient Portal. Athenahealth Patient Portal has some great functions and some of the few are as follows

  1. Athenahealth Patient portal lets patients schedule their own appointments.
  2. It lets doctors have access to their patient’s complete medical history.
  3. It improves communication between the patient and the doctor.
  4. It Reduces the overall administrative load
  5. It helps with diagnosis and treatment plans. 

All these features help majorly in the improvement of clinical efficiency at the workplace. A lot of Athenahealth EMR Reviews talk about this feature. 

 2. Easy Scheduling for a Streamlined Scheduling process

Athenahealth EMR Scheduling feature is equipped with tools to automate the whole scheduling process, allowing the practice to have a better and efficient scheduling system. This feature performs great functions including

  1. It takes care of all your appointments (Email, Texts, and Calls)
  2. In case of Cancellation, it fills up the spot with new patients
  3. Sends out appointment reminders as well as alerts. 

Athenahealth EHR understands the importance of having all the right tools for appointment scheduling. This way the efficiency improves and no time is wasted. Moreover, almost all the customers are catered. 

3. Intuitive User Interface for Improved Efficiency

For any EHR software to be rated as a good one, one very important thing is to have a good user-friendly, and intuitive user interface. The software makes sure that no time is wasted on irrelevant stuff and knows exactly what you are looking for. There are a number of benefits that it has including:

  1. Speeds up the overall process
  2. Reduces the number of clicks overall
  3. Make sure the system runs smoothly.
  4. Improved Clinical Efficiency majorly. 

4. Integrated Billing Solutions for improved financial Position

Having good billing tools is necessary for every medical practice. The process on its own is very complex and can consume a lot of time. Athenahealth EMR reviews are filled with praises of this feature and how it has helped users improve their financial efficiency rapidly. 

With the help of Athenahealth EMR software, you can automate and digitize your billing processes so that things are a bit easier for your practice. Athenahealth EMR integrated billing solution takes care of all your billing tasks. If performs this task for you electronically which means higher accuracy level, better record management, etc.

These are the top EHR features that make Athenahealth’s cost totally worth it. All these features help users get their day-to-day tasks done faster. There are several other amazing EHR features that Athenahealth EMR offers. To know more about Athenahealth EMR features, you can book an Athenahealth EMR demo on Software Finder. 

Final Review!

We understand that Athenahealth’s cost might look a lot when you first look at it but after you have a look at the features it offers, the cost will not matter at all. Athenahealth EMR is one of the best EHR software out there for a reason. It understands what healthcare providers are looking for and offers them just that. If you are looking for a great EHR Software to optimize your practice, we would recommend you to check Athenahealth EMR out.