Enjoy Your Desert Safari in Dubai In Cheap Price

desert safari
desert safari

A spectacular location, desert safari in Dubai is a great attraction for travellers from India especially during winter season. This is one of the most popular tourist destinations to visit in the World. It is visited by thousands of Indian tourist each year and is considered as the land of pilgrimage. The world famous Burj el Arab hotel is built on the site of an ancient caravan fort built by the emperors in the seventh century. Hence, it has been regarded as the most favourite tourist place in the region.

desert safari in Dubai allows you to enjoy the beauty of the desert by driving through the landscape and enjoying the view of the mountains on the horizon. The drive takes about two hours and you will see several waterfalls and different wildlife species. There are two types of desert safari that you can choose from. One is the longer drive which covers a distance of around seven or eight hours and the other one is the shorter drive which only covers a distance of three hours. You can choose to go for either a four-wheel drive or an automobile. In both cases, the landscape is very beautiful places are explored along the way.

There are many attractions and activities you can do while you are on a desert safari to Dubai. The four-wheel drive safari car allows you to explore the desert with the luxury of a camel. The trip is also accompanied by a hot air balloon ride that will take you high into the sky. You can also opt for a tour to the Dubai gardens or the National Museum. A desert safari to Dubai also makes a perfect destination for trekking, biking and horseback riding.

Desert safaris to Dubai do not only make for thrilling journeys but they also leave a lasting impression on tourists. You can enjoy the heat of the desert by going for a hot air balloon ride. You can have fun in the hot air balloon with your family. On the other hand, if you do not want to spend too much time in the air with your loved ones, then you can opt for a camel riding tour to desert safari Dubai.

You can also participate in desert safaris to Dubai through a hot air balloon ride. Desert safaris to Dubai are also possible through a Jeep safari. You can also opt for a motorized RV and go for desert safaris to Dubai as well as a cross-country driving in the Ir a plateau.

Desert safaris to Dubai will allow you to see the natural beauty of the place. You will see oases, waterfalls, cliffs and sand dunes. The most popular tourist attraction here is the Al Hajar Mountains. It is also one of the seven natural wonders of the world. This area is very popular for its hot climate and it is a perfect place to enjoy a desert safari to Dubai. Along with this, you can also visit the sites of ancient settlements and villages here such as the Satwa Waterfall and the Al Hajar Mountains.

When you travel in a car or a van on a desert safari to Dubai, you will be able to drive at your own pace. You will also have your own driver who will take care of all the safety issues. It is up to you to decide how long you want to stay in the desert. You can camp in the desert for a couple of days or if you want to see more of the attractions in Dubai, you can opt to rent camels and go around for longer.

A desert safari to Dubai will definitely make your vacation a memorable experience. This is one of the best ways to explore the real beauty of the city. This is also one of the safest ways to enjoy your vacation. You can also enjoy some good food while you are in the city so you do not need to worry about anything.