Why You Need A Social Media Aggregator in 2021

social media aggregator

Did you hop immediately onto your social media when you woke up this morning to see what you missed overnight? Well, you’re not alone. In reality, social media feeds and platforms are now more than just sharing media. They are offering businesses the ability to keep in contact with their customers and share the latest announcements and trends all in one place.

Some users don’t just search one social network for vital information. They might go through your brand pages on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more it can be hard for them to keep up with all your business activities, and even trying would be very time-consuming. 

This article will give you insights about social media aggregators and the right reasons to use them for your official website.

What Are Social Media Aggregators?

Social media aggregators are tools that allow you to fetch and curate updates and posts from various channels in one place. Basically, by having a structured view on a specific subject, they simplify the whole process of social media.

If you host a big event, and you have a hashtag, your attendees could start posting on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram with that hashtag. You might just share feeds from one platform. By doing so, you could miss out on some engaging content. You can pull together hashtags from all of the platforms with the help of an aggregator and display them on a single platform. Sounds interesting, right?

Perhaps the best part, however, is that social media aggregators strive to operate in real-time, which means you can share the latest notifications with your users, participants, or followers on a certain subject at the moment. This creates a sense of credibility and community around your business. You can present social media displays at events either on a wall or on your official website, helping you drive engagement and create a buzz about your brand and a subject of your choice.

Marketers admit that they don’t find time to look for interesting content which is original as well as engaging. You are probably wondering if this is you? Then, social media aggregator is the answer. Without spending hours and hours pulling together epic pieces of content, aggregators give you the ability to share fascinating snippets and create conversations among your audience.

It gives you the ability to turn your high-end event into something open to the regular customers by having participants or non-attendees on the big screen to share their views, images and content.

Reasons to use social media aggregators for websites ?

Here are some of the most crucial and profitable reasons to consider using social media aggregators for websites.

#1 Add social proof to your brand

The fact that it provides a sense of social proof is one of the key reasons why you’d want to consider using a social media aggregator. This encourages potential customers to take your business more seriously. The theory behind social proof is that rather than trusting the in-house promotional content, we prefer to trust feedback from our friends and family. 

That’s why before we make purchases, we ask people for feedback and read the reviews on product pages. That little bit of social evidence may often make a difference in whether or not someone makes a purchase. That’s why if you use them on e-commerce sites or at the point of purchase, it can be highly effective. 

#2 UGC helps in increasing user engagement

Some retail stores also use an aggregator to display user generated content. Content created by users is highly successful in creating this sense of social evidence. When visitors are exposed to a mix of advertised videos and UGC, it receives a higher clickthrough rate and brand interaction increases to a great extent. 

Even videos created by the audience receive higher views than the actual brand produced and posted videos. To Ask your visitors to develop relevant content regarding their brand can be a very challenging task. That is why brands choose to give an incentive of some type, whether it comes in the form of coupons and discounts or whether it’s just the appreciation when they visit their website and explore that.

#3 Keep your audience and staff updated with new content.

One of the best ways to get started with a free social media aggregator is to compile the updates, information, announcements, future launch etc. from different brand pages and display them on your official business website as a well curated social gallery. In case of the staff members, the latest news and updates do not hit the workforce in the same predictable manner as they did in the past. It is because of the apparent shift in the fixed working hours and desks of the employees. 

A consolidated social media feed from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other platforms automatically updates new content on your website. It enables customers and staff totimely  receive all the vital information. It also allows them to like, comment, and share posts.

#4 Increase website traffic and dwell time

Aggregating social media increase the time spent on your website feeds from different networks and showcasing them on your homepage and news section. No magic bullet is expected from your marketing team or any additional work. Simple embed social media feeds on your brand website and it will keep visitors engaged with the new and fresh content. Assuming that you first of all draw the right kind of audience to your website, your feeds should give people a reason to continue surfing. 

Final Words

Every business has competitors on social media platforms that do a fantastic job.  You can build a visual gallery through social media aggregator tools like Tagembed to track and learn from your rivals and compare how different types of posts perform on different platforms. Along with that, influencer marketing campaigns add a good zeal to your promotional efforts. You can aggregate the posts by influencers and show them on your brand site or product pages as client statements. All in all, integrating the best social media aggregator with your website is the most effective and economical marketing tactic of current time.