Why You Should Buy the 2023 Genesis GV80? 


Numerous vehicles in the Genesis line-up offer excellent performance and ideal luxurious features. However, one that stands apart from the rest is the 2023 Genesis GV80. It is quite the car to buy in 2023 due to its overall outstanding metrics. If you are looking to get it, then visit  Willow Grave Genesis dealer quickly; however, pause for a bit first to know why you should buy this vehicle. 

Why buy GV80? 

People often buy this vehicle because of what it brings to the table. An amazing powertrain, posh looks, and a reasonable price tag. Getting a top-notch vehicle at an affordable price is a dream come true for most. So, take a look at these aspects below in detail!

  • SUV design and more

This is an SUV from Genesis that is designed appropriately. The front end bears a resemblance to Genesis’ top-notch vehicle G90. Similar to G90, the front end comes with a huge mesh grille and Genesis’ iconic twin-headlight structure. In addition, the side indicators also follow the twin-headlight design. The Genesis logo on the hood just above the mesh grille gives it a class that all luxury car owners prefer. Two exhaust pipes on the back and a similar twin backlight format give it a great overall look. 

The interior is built to cater to the needs of people that want a luxury car; wood-trim with metal accents, ambient interior lighting, soft leather upholstery, contrast stitching, etc. gives off a sophisticated vibe that people thoroughly enjoy. 

Also, the seats are highly supportive and comfortable and come with a massage function for an ideal relaxing aspect during a ride. The interior is crafted using fancy materials yet the design is kept minimalistic to give it the elegance it deserves. 

The third row is optional for people and can be added if a buyer feels it necessary. Behind the second row, people can equip 13 carry-ons; however, with all seats stowed, the cargo capacity increases to 28 carry-ons. 

  • Powertrain 

The base model comes with a four-cylinder 2.5L engine that spits out 300 horses. However, most people get the V6 3.5L twin-turbo option as it provides 375 horses and delivers 0-60 mph within 5.3 seconds. The base model takes about 6.1 seconds for reaching 0-60 mph. It will depend on a person on what powertrain he/she prefers to acquire for the GV80. Know more by reaching  Genesis dealer serving Willow Grave

  • Price of versions

The GV80 comes in 8 different versions. The 2.5T series include 2.5T at $56,925, 2.5T Advanced at $63,145, and 2.5T Prestige at $68,395. The 3.5T series involve 3.5T, 3.5T Advanced, 3.5T Advanced+, 3.5T Prestige, and 3.5T Prestige Matte; these are priced at $63,795, $69,995, $71,695, $76,195, and $77,695 respectively. 

Which version will suit you ideally depends on your preference and budget. However, most opt for either 3.5T Prestige or 3.5T Prestige Matte. 

So, these are the things that make people want to buy the 2023 Genesis GV80. If you are in the market for a new SUV, then check this car out as it offers style and performance along with ample luxuriousness.