Why You Should Remove Background illustrator


How to remove background illustrator

If you’ve been wondering whether or not to begin erasing your backgrounds prior to selling to parents, you’ve arrived at the perfect location. We reviewed multi-purpose poses in Part 1 and how providing parents with background alternatives improves sales. Today, we’ll cover some additional reasons why backdrop removal is critical in the modern world.

There are many occasions when you take a photograph but the background is unappealing. The background can be too distracting. By excessively loud, we imply that the experience diverts attention away from the subject. A noisy atmosphere can cause people to lose track of what the image is attempting to convey. A complete description can be an image of a throng, such as on a beach or at a parade. It’s impossible to tell who the subject is or what message is being conveyed. That is why removing the backdrop illustrator is critical for revealing the focus of the photo up close and reducing distracting components of loudness. Another reason why backdrop removal is important is to solve difficulties with the background if it is an editorial publication.


Allowing parents to select their own background is a wonderful thing, but offering options that parents can relate to or recognise is much better! Why not offer to have your photographer take a photo of the school to serve as a distinctive background to help you gain contracts?! “Why don’t they just take the portraits directly in front of the school?” you may ask. We’re here to remind you, though, that weather is inherently unpredictable. No high school student wants to spend an hour doing their hair in the morning for picture day just to have it ruined by wind or rain.

Another possibility is to photograph creatively local landmarks. For example, everyone in Montreal is familiar with the Olympic stadium, making it an ideal backdrop for our local studio.

With reference to the Olympic Stadium, this is an ideal segue into another reason why you should remove your backdrops.


A few years ago, Green Apple Studio, our school photography studio in Quebec, formed a cooperation with three big sports teams: the Montreal Canadiens, the Montreal Impact, and the Montreal Alouettes. Each time one of these backdrops is purchased, $1.99 is donated to the associated foundation. Parents are willing to pay a few dollars more if they know the money is going to a worthy cause, and it may even entice them to purchase additional photographs… $$$! Partnerships also allow us to offer interesting contests to participating schools, such as the one in which five children met the Montreal Canadiens and posed for an official team portrait.

Numerous local and international organisations would welcome the opportunity to contact thousands of young minds. As school photographers, studios, and labs, we have the ideal reach to assist these businesses in raising awareness for their cause through student education. 36Pix leaped at the opportunity to collaborate with Philippe Cousteau on the creation of Ocean Champs, a unique brand aimed at younger children.

The Ocean Champs characters are adorable and serve as an excellent backdrop for raising awareness and educating youngsters about the ocean. Philippe’s non-profit organisation, EarthEcho International, receives proceeds from these backgrounds. Apart from being great sales at our studio, these Ocean Champs backdrops are also accessible via our relationship with Fotomerchant (contact Fotomerchant to learn how you can offer these adorable and amusing backgrounds, as well as other premium backgrounds!).


Everything is influenced by trends, including school photography. And, as we all know, fashion trends are ever-changing. Do you really want to purchase fresh backdrops every couple of years to ensure that children do not send photo proofs to their parents with backgrounds that match their school photos? I didn’t believe so. To be honest, it’s MUCH easier to shoot against a green screen or similar solid colour and then refresh your digital background collection annually.


Finally, we’ll discuss fashion disasters. No, we’re not referring to loose-fitting jeans making a comeback (pardon me while I cry beneath my pillow recalling wearing bell bottoms on a rainy day), but to the subject’s wardrobe contrasting with the setting. The subject is, of course, the focal point of a school photograph. We want the subject to stand out against the backdrop, not blend in. Yes, using a correct lighting is beneficial, but so is having a contrasting background.


To summarise, by removing your background before parents purchase their child’s school pictures, you can offer them more personalised backgrounds, create unique partnership opportunities, save money while staying current with trends, and allow parents to select a background that highlights their child and that they will be proud to hang on the wall.

If you haven’t used us for background removal before, you can send a picture for free testing and we’d be pleased to discuss your needs.