Things to know about the 2023 Jeep Grand Cherokee 


Jeep Grand Cherokee is a great option when it comes to buying a spacious car with enough power under its hood. People look at most models that Jeep manufactures and thus, there is a great following for the Grand Cherokee model. You can reach Marion Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram dealer to purchase it but before that, you should take a look at a few particular things related to this vehicle!


This vehicle is powered by a V6 3.6L engine that spits out 292 horses or a plug-in hybrid system. The hybrid system comes with electric motor traction and a 2L turbocharged engine that delivers 375 horses along with a torque of 470 lb-ft. The electric motor is powered by a battery pack of 14 kWh. 

RWD is standard for people who opt for the V6 powertrain but AWD is default for people that get the hybrid system. Also, various AWD system is there for people; one where a limited-slip electronically locking differential is available. 

People looking to off-roading with this vehicle should get its Trailhawk trim as it comes with air suspension, which is responsible for this truck’s ground clearance of 11.3 inches; also, there is better wheel articulation that allows people to tackle rough terrain quite comfortably. 

Its hybrid model is the quickest of all and thus, it takes just 5.3 seconds to reach 0-60 mph. Also, its handling is smooth and offers impressive composure, which in turn, makes every ride a swift experience. 

In addition, the V6 variant offers a mileage of 19 mpg in cities and 26 mpg on highways. Its plug-in hybrid setup offers a better mileage of 23 mpg in cities and 24 mpg on highways. Now it will depend on an individual which will be better or more suited to his/her requirements. 

If you are confused about which version to get, simply reach Marion Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram dealership and consult professionals available at a showroom. 


Jeep has built the interior in a modern approach that is quite different from Grand Cherokee’s last-generation trims. Based on trim level, people will get the interior accordingly; opting for base trims will get you essential features, while opting for higher-end models will enable people to enjoy quilted leather surfaces and upholstery, remarkable digital displays, wood trim with open pore design, etc. 

This is a two-row SUV that allows people to get a third row as an option and folding all seats will allow people to haul more carry-ons than its previous generation models. 


There are 13 versions available for this car; the base model is Laredo which costs $41,330. However, if you’re getting this model then you should opt for higher models like Summit Reserve ($69,985) or above. To understand better and know about all the trims and their prices visit a dealership. 

It is a great car that you can buy after a test ride. It will offer you all the satisfaction of an SUV and then some. Hence, visit a dealership today and get all the necessary work done to own this remarkable vehicle.