5 Common Issues With Netgear Orbi Router and How to Fix Them


Are your devices not connecting to your Netgear Orbi router? Is your router not working properly? Not to worry! This post will let you know the 5 common issues with the Netgear Orbi router and their fixes. Continue reading.

Common Netgear Orbi Router Issues and Their Fixes

1. Can’t Configure Orbi Router 

The configuration process of Netgear Orbi router is quite tricky and needs patience from the user’s end. Also, the router configuration steps differentiate as per the model you are using. 

It is recommended to perform the Netgear Orbi Login using the manual that came with the purchase. The manual booklet contains A-Z instructions to install the Orbi device.

2. Network Unavailability 

In the event that your Orbi router leads you to a network outage issue, you will be unable to access the internet on your WiFi-enabled gadgets. In such a case, power cycle your Orbi router and try again accessing the internet.

If still facing the network problem, check whether your broadband plan is not exhausted. If it has gone expired, then the speed will decrease automatically.

3. Unable to Update the Orbi Firmware

Updating the Netgear Orbi firmware to the latest version solves most of the Netgear Orbi router issues. In case the latest firmware files are corrupted or you are unable to update the firmware, follow the steps below to fix the issue:

  •  Turn on your Orbi router.
  •  Head over to the orbilogin page via a web browser.
  •  After you log in, go to the Firmware Update section.
  •  If there is any new firmware version available, hit the Update button.

Wait until the Orbi router updates its firmware. It is advised to choose the Auto-update function to get the most recent update automatically downloaded on your Orbi device.

4. Slow Downloading Speed

It is one of the most common issues experienced by Netgear Orbi router users. This issue generally appears if you have subscribed to the limited internet plan or the network speed is down from the end of your ISP.

Another reason why you are getting slow internet speed is improper positioning of the router. So, keep in mind to place the Orbi router near the satellite. Furthermore, keep both the devices away from microwave ovens, refrigerators, Bluetooth speakers, cordless phones, baby monitors, fish tanks, glasses, mirrors, and other interference-creating objects.

5. DNS Issues

Another issue users face during the Orbilogin is DNS problem. A majority of users are not aware of the correct DNS server settings of their Orbi router model. As a result, they are facing issues while accessing the internet. 

To get rid of the issue, it is suggested to use an Ethernet cable to connect the modem and router. Thereafter, the router will automatically set the DNS settings from the servers.

So, these were common issues with the Netgear Orbi router along with their fixes. On the off chance if you are still struggling with the Orbi issues, let us know in the comments section. We would be glad be to help you out.