Using Cable Ties – The Different Types of Cable Tie and Which to Use When

Cable Tie

I’ve never seen a cable tie project before and I’ve never seen a cable tie tutorial. Cable ties are very versatile, so this post will give you lots of ideas on how to use them. There are many uses for cable ties and they are very cheap and cost effective, making them a great solution to many jobs around the home or workshop.

How to Use Cable Ties

I love cable ties. They are the best, aren’t they? Why do I like them so much? Well, first of all, they’re easy to use. Just insert the pointed end of the tie in to the locking mechanism (usually the square head) and run the pointed end of the tie through the hole on the clasp. The teeth on the head will only catch on the ridges of the tie if it’s inserted correctly, and you’ll know if it’s caught when you do a quick pull and hear the teeth clicking rapidly over the ridges.

How to use a cable tie – The different parts

If the pointed end is poking you, just remove it and replace it with the blunt end in the opposite direction. Pull the cable-tie back against your hand to tighten it and move the cut-off head down the cable-tie as far as it will go. Once you’ve secured the cable, you can remove the excess trailing end. This is not strictly necessary, but it will tidy up the end of the cable tie.

Different Types of Cable Tie

Cable ties come in many different types, sizes and materials. The best way to find the right cable tie is to try a few different sizes until one works just right. Once you find the right size, make sure to buy cable ties that are already cut to that size. It will be easier to handle and less expensive. If your cable ties are too small, you might be able to get around this temporarily by linking a few cable ties together and using them like one large one. You might have noticed that some of the examples I used for cable ties are not made from Nylon. That’s because some cable ties are made from other materials, depending on the type of tie and its intended use. There’s a wide variety of different cable ties for many different situations.

1. Coloured Cable Ties: We use these ties to group together different cable groups or items and make them more identifiable so it easier for us. For instance, whenever we need to identify with a particular location or use, all we have to do is look for the corresponding coloured tie, and voila!

2. Marker Ties: Marker ties are typically made out of nylon, and they often have a flat part on the tie that can be written on so it becomes clear as to what is holding it together. Marker ties come in many more shapes and sizes than I can name here – but they all serve the same purpose, which is to identify something. Just two of their many uses include marking off electrical cables to ensure you know where they go too, and identifying your rose bushes. Of course, if you want a more permanent solution, you can get cable ties that are pre-labeled and come with a variety of printing options. These come in both nylon or polypropylene varieties, and are known as security ties.

3. Velcro Cable Ties: I love Velcro ties, and I think everyone else does too. They have a variety of uses and are great for telecom cabling. They offer protection against crushing the cables, ensuring that they last the distance. I’ve been using them for about a year now, and it’s been a blessing not having to look for cable ties all over the place when I need them.

4. Steel Cable Ties: Some other cable ties include stainless steel cable ties, which are ideal at protecting items from chemicals or salt water.

5. Eyelet Cable Ties: These can be used to fasten the cable tie and then tie a label to one of the eyelets on the cable tie. They also allow you to screw the cable tie to a surface, before tying cables, for added security

6. Releasable Cable Ties: Releasable cable ties are reusable cable ties that typically cost a little more but allow you to reuse them. They have a nylon lock that releases when you need to undo the tie. We use these to secure our benches during our Tricks of the Trade Theatre — so come and visit us! You can’t reuse a cable tie indefinitely, but we do feel they are worth the extra expense in our case.

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