Build your future with India’s top placement college in Bareilly


LBSIMT is an innovative management & technology institute  which is AICTE accredited innovative Center of Academic Excellence and one of the top collaborators of Best under graduate courses in B.Com Hons, BBA, and Post Graduate Diploma in Management. Our programmes are targeted and professional. The key advantage of the course is that the top academics that transmit comprehensive information using reasoning learning approach to obtain an internationally recognized qualification. The industry’s assistance is huge in the form of internships and jobs.

LBSIMT believes that the development of human resources, which in turn is important for the social economic well-being and development. Our LBSIMT institute of management & technology is one of the top rated Management institute and best placement college in Bareilly, India for continuous 11 years as a row; we were established, in the year 1995, with the aim and objective to provide top quality education to the students and transform them to ethical leaders and to reach global standards.


LBSIMT has a strong industry – the interface for business schools, combine education and training in classrooms and practical experience in the field to bridge the gap between theory and practice. LBSIMT focuses on increasing students’ capacity to lead and manage enterprises via learning to systematically identify and solve problems utilizing their analytical, problem solve and decision-making abilities, and logically grasp the financial and commercial accounting components. LBSIMT thus is not just a prominent PGDM / BBA, and Post Graduate Diploma in Management College in Bareilly but also throughout India.

LBSIMT also teaches its students to explore commercial prospects regardless of the resources controlled by them. That is to say, the entrepreneurial spirit is inspired by its pupils. The development of personality, physical fitness, personal care and communication skills training at LBSIMT are essential for the education and training of students who want to prepare themselves and determined students to enter the corporate world. Our PGDM Program is intended to deliver the adequate technical and corporate expertise.

Categorization parameters for B-School

  1. Student quality

In view of their interactions with their classmates, the quality of student on a b-school campus makes a substantial impact. A major percent of the study at any excellent b-school occurs outside the classroom, and much of this comes through peer learning. Many b-school courses are related to group activities such as tasks and projects. Therefore, the better the peers, the better the lessons.

  • Top Placement

Instead, placement is one of the most important characteristics that most learners use to assess the quality of b-schools – and that is appropriate. Far from anyone, the income they would obtain after the BBA is quite definite. They are also very appropriately interested in the quality of the work they would do and the prospects for the future.

LBSIMT institute of management & technology seek to produce entrepreneurial leadership that can establish resilient companies while maintaining the most stringent corporate governance requirements. We always strive to create an exciting atmosphere of education, where original thought becomes a way of life. We provide experience learning and improve the skills of our faculty and our students gradually. We want to develop bridges worldwide, therefore boosting the quality of interactions between all continents and races, universalism and humanity.


LBSIMT institute of management & technology welcome you to join our initiative to build business citizens who are role models for their professional careers, wherever they go. A difficult academic experience I assure you