Facebook Widget: Best Tool to Use Facebook Content


Facebook as a platform is marketing gold for marketers. It provides such a variety of features that helps the user to display variation of content. Facebook provides many marketing tools like Facebook Ads. To further use Facebook and its content, marketers have found the best tool that helps them attain growth in the business, and that tool is Facebook Widget.

What is Facebook Widget

Facebook widget is a dedicated Facebook tool that helps you collect, curate, and customize the content from Facebook related to your business and beautifully displays it as one single presentation.

You can use the widget to embed the Facebook feed widget on your website, digital signages, display screens in your office, or on screens of your social gathering.

The feed collects the content from Facebook by using hashtags, mentions, tags, locations etc. 

Benefits of Embedding Facebook Widget On Website

Makes your website engaging 

Facebook is a unique platform that provides a variety of content. You can upload a blog, post pictures, or share long-duration videos on your Facebook.

And as mentioned above, the Facebook widget will aggregate all these posts related to your business and display them on your website. 

The visitor will feel amazed with such dynamic content, scroll through your feed to view more content about your brand, and will keep them engaged.

The widget attracts the visitor’s attention; hence visitors cannot miss out on the widget, and so much content will keep them entertained and instill interest in their mind.

Add charm to your website 

The visual medium content and variety of posts already add vibrancy to the website. The widget displays images, videos, and various other text materials that make the website attractive.

You can also customize the widget according to your style. You can change the layout of your widget or select different styles to showcase the feed. For example, you can display it as a slideshow on your main screen or use it as a sidebar on each page of your website.

The widget also allows you to change the font sizes, font styles, backgrounds, colors, etc., and make your widget pleasing to the eyes. With visual content and an attractive widget, your website can attract a lot of attention, and your business can generate a customer base.

Increases website traffic

Website traffic is important for the brand. The traffic generated by your website helps you to get a better ranking on search engine rankings. That means if someone searches about your business on the scratch engine. Your website will have better visibility, and people will visit your website.

People like to see impressive and unique websites. The widget makes your website attractive, and hence it helps you in better reputation, and your website gets better traffic.

Also, when people navigate your website and scroll through your feed from the Facebook widget, it will decrease the bounce rate. With is also very beneficial for you and helps to increase the search engine ranking. 

Strengthen your Facebook presence

Facebook widget links your Facebook with the website, and hence when a visitor visits your website, he can get a sneak into your Facebook presence. 

The widget allows you to link your official Facebook page with the website and hence, on visiting the website, the visitor will be able to sneak into your  Facebook account. And he likes the page and your content he can also follow you there. All this can be done by without exiting the window. The visitor can even comment, like and share your post.

You can even extract the content using hashtags. It will allow users to know about the Facebook chatter about your brand and even participate in the discussion or be part of your community.

Provides social proof to your visitor

Social proof and reviews are important for the brand, as it increases the credibility of the brand. Even your potential customers would like to know the past customers’ reviews and their opinion on your product or brand. They usually trust past customers’ opinions as they give their honest reviews and share their experiences.

Facebook provides a great platform for people to provide their reviews and explain the products. People also upload the picture with the product or shoot the video while using the product. The Facebook Widget gathers all these reviews, images, and videos and presents them to the visitor in a single feed.

The visitor gets all social proof, reviews and details all at the same place. This affects the buying decision of the potential customer and social proof helps you maintain credibility in the market.

Boosts UGC

User-generated content is the best possible way for the marketer to promote their business or product. UGC is generally the content posted by your user that involves your product or service.

People uploads images, provide videos or even shoot unboxing videos while describing the product. The feed aggregates all this content to showcase this on your website.

The customer feels respected when his content gets a feature on the website. It motivates other users to make more content related to the business and get a feature on the website.

UGC also helps the business in the promotion. When your customer posts content related to your brand, their followers also view it. Hence, it eventually helps you attain more brand awareness.

Summing It Up

Facebook Widget like Tagembed is the best tool in the market that combines Facebook with your website. And all are well aware of the impact of Facebook on businesses. You can enjoy the benefit of having better website traffic because of the unique website and strengthen your Facebook presence by diverting some traffic on your Facebook account.