Data Center Server Relocation, Planning, And Execution

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Most companies consider data center server relocation a once-in-a-lifetime event. As per the infrastructure demands and technology advances, approx 53% of companies are expecting to do so. Server movers have experience in the complexities required for a successful relocation. Working continuously with the IT team ensures minimum downtime and maximizes performance. Selecting the moving partner with knowledge of intricacies faced during the move can make a difference.

Comprehensive planning

Proper planning is often crucial for the companies planning the relocation of the data centers in India. Team coordination between both companies is essential for successful data center server relocation. Wiring, space, and cooling capacity are just a few issues that must be addressed while dealing with hardware issues. Although it may seem to be an ideal time to implement upgrades. Most experts recommend implementing them slowly.

Strategic long-term planning should be the first step. Moore’s law in 1965 predicted that computer technology will double every two years. Server relocation planning and execution rely on the skills of server mover and data movers.

The key to success

The key element to a successful data center server relocation project depends on choosing the right team coordinator. Most companies do not have experts with experience. Additionally, choosing an internal coordinator to work with data center server relocation is the key to a successful relocation.

The external coordinator you are selecting should be able to adapt the plan based on the company’s needs and resources. The role includes creating a timeline and milestones to move and identifying the risks. Additionally, they have to create an execution plan which includes shut down, cooling requirements, and other crucial items.

Problems in moving data center server you should avoid

Poor planning tops the list of problems. Teams should focus on a clear conversation when it comes to the relocation of the data center server. Talk to the IT department for learning about interdependencies within the company’s network

Wiring and electrical demands are crucial. Obtain clear figures of the requirement of electricity and its upgrades if needed. Its department might not deal with these figures. Costs should not be more than the projected.

Know your current baseline costs and operation prior to the move. In this way, you will have an option for the comparison in near future. This will neglect several internal problems after the move.

After avoiding these few pitfalls, you can create a smooth transition. Planning for future expansion should always be considered as the prior move

Tips for successful data center server relocation planning and execution 

There will be some downtime during the execution of the data center server relocation. A well-laid-out plan is essential for a successful transition. The process can be overwhelming with the proper planning, it will run smoothly.

Here are a few tips that can be beneficial when planning to relocate your data center server –

Start with the standard plan. Where all moves must be customized as per the demands of the company.

Contact clients a few weeks prior to the relocation. Moreover, tell them about projected downtime so they are not frustrated during the relocation.

Plan your move in advance. Based on the size of operation and relocation, the entire project may take several months.

Set the baselines as a point of comparison for the relocation.

Execution of the plan

Once the moving day has arrived, it is time to begin the process of setting everything back up. Experienced data center movers will use proven methodology to perform relocation in a timely manner.

Assign someone to sign off once the data center server move has been successfully achieved.

Communication is a crucial task for the data centers in India relocation, planning, and execution. Choose experienced movers whom you can trust.


Moving a data center server might be full of a hassle but is something that every company is planning. Search for some genuine platform that provides relocation of the data centers in India. With their help, you do not have to worry about server movement.