Enterprise Resource Planning: The Backbone of Smart Schools

Online School ERP

Technology is nothing. What’s important is that you have faith in people, that they’re basically good and smart, and if you give you the tools, they’ll do wonderful things with them.” – Steve Jobs.

All over the world, we are increasingly using the word “smart” a lot. We have smartphones, smart technologies, smart homes, smart cities, and smart hubs, and now we have smart schools too. Ever wondered why? Because if you are not smart, you will soon be outdated. Here, you refer to anything – a human being, a tangible or an intangible object.


With their new technologies, smart schools are taking the education world by storm by transforming traditional classrooms. This concept was widely used in the higher education sector as Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). Now it is transforming the face of school education by supplementing traditional learning with smart online digital classes.


Smart schools are those schools that apply technology solutions to the whole school system. They incorporate the latest technologies for both educational and non-educational purposes. Smart schools conduct classes via smart boards and projectors and have smart infrastructure such as GPS tracking in school buses, WI-fi enabled campus, computerised attendance system, and automatic fire detection systems. You see, the purpose is not just to improve the lessons of students but to enhance their overall educational experience.

They are the way ahead to provide all-inclusive education. Students, teachers, as well as administrators, can reap a range of benefits from smart schools. The students feel safer in the smart school campus and have a more engaging and interactive curriculum in their classrooms. They can watch slides and videos to learn a topic, explore more about it over the internet and revise it after going back home. Including smart technologies in the school’s overall functioning increases all stakeholders’ productivity – teachers, administrative staff, students, and moderators.

Virtual smart schools are the present and future if we want to provide seamless education to our young generation. Students who can’t attend the school physically due to various reasons such as being an actor or athlete or suffering from a chronic health condition, or maintaining social distancing during pandemic like Corona can access uninterrupted education.

Smart schools use technology with the help of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) to provide children with hands-on learning. For example, some startups create kits for kids to play around with DNA, grow bacteria in the lab. This gives practice to the theory they learn, and we all know how paramount practical learning is.


School Enterprise Resource Planning is software used by schools to manage their operations and processes. It helps in the school’s management, whether it is functioning physically within the four walls of a classroom or virtually via online classes. It enhances the interconnectedness amongst various departments and automates the entire process of schools’ functioning.

It is an indispensable component of a smart school. It provides a centralised communication platform for information sharing among various stakeholders; enables 24*7 access and sharing of study material; better management; and easy and transparent tracking of students.

New technologies used by smart schools enhance learning. Various research suggests that 99% of teachers find their students more engaged in learning and retaining knowledge for a longer time due to smart schools’ hands-on learning experience. Smart schools are elementary in preparing kids for the future job market.


According to MIT, 65% of kids starting their primary education now will work in jobs that don’t even exist in 2021! Core workplace skills will also change, with increased demand for creativity, critical thinking, analytical thinking, complex problem solving and collaboration. It recommends re-thinking and modernising education systems, curriculum and pedagogies to create a good workforce fir for the 21st century.

They are the future of learning as they promote enquiry-based and application-oriented learning with the help of multimedia, videos, audios in the classrooms. They provide an efficient communication channel between teachers, students, and teachers with smart digital tools. It warrants better safety measures at school. The overall smart school system feeds the curiosity of students and enhances their knowledge.

The use of efficient Online School ERP systems paves the way for dynamic learning in smart schools. The students can learn at their own pace by referring to the recorded videos or the internet without getting anxious that they have to match their classmates’ pace. This leads to better learning outcomes.

Deep understanding and insightful thinking require students to deal with complex situations. Smart schools provide smart teaching where complex problems are simulated in the schools that help students build tolerance, mindset and skills to tackle complex problems. It even allows the faculty to pursue their intellectual interests. Smart schools develop the personalities of their teachers, too, as they have to manage complexities daily. Not only that, they need to find a solution to those complicated problems.

Smart schools backed by efficient online school Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems are the future to reap the benefits of technology in school education. In a smart school, technological solutions’ benefits radiate from every nook and cranny of the school campus. The students are a part of a learning regime that is fun, rich, engaging and interactive. Smart schools are the antidote to the backwardness of traditional schools. They can catch up with the modern dynamics of the changing world and outpace the present demands. With smart schools, you can assure students’ success.

As you are already aware, various factors disrupt the education sector these days; some are within our control, and some, such as the pandemic, are outside our control. Invest in reasonable technological solutions and online school Enterprise Resource Planning software so that you can survive in the turbulent times today and in the future. Match your frequency with this dynamic world and rise towards success with smart schooling.