Few Important Things That You Must Know About Herbal Hair Dyes

Organic indigo powder
Organic indigo powder

It doesn’t matter if your life is perfect as long as your hair color isn’t—a phrase that accurately describes how everyone in the world today wants perfectly coloured hair, whether black, brown or red.

Dyeing hair—a boon or a bane

Everybody likes to dye hair to cover up their greys or to simply look different. However, many of us are afraid to use hair dyes due to the chemicals present in them. But what if you can get all your greys covered with a pure organic herbal hair dye? Those of us who have been colouring our hair for quite some time now have noticed issues like—premature greying of hair, baldness, rough hair, dandruff, itchy scalp, allergies and many more. One potent solution to all these problems is herbal hair dye—organic indigo powder and organic henna powder to be precise. In addition to covering the greys, organic indigo powder and organic henna powder also help in the prevention of many hair-related problems leaving you with both nourished hair as well as bolder colours.

People tend to choose hair colors based on their prices irrespective of their numerous damaging side effects. The chemical hair dyes available in the market come loaded with innumerable add-ons that have harsh side effects on hair health, also damaging the scalp adversely. Chemical hair dyes, although leave stunning results initially, in time; they leave your hair with irreparable damages too.

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What is organic indigo powder?

Organic indigo powder is a purely herbal hair tint that is curated from fresh handpicked indigo leaves. The leaves are plucked from Indigofera tinctoria plants grown without using any fertilizers, pesticides or chemicals. The crushing is done with advanced machines to obtain a microfine and triple-sifted granule form. The superfine powder so obtained is then packed without adding any artificial colourants, preservatives or fragrances. This way it comes to you as the purest and most organic form of indigo powder for hair. When mixed with organic henna powder, this indigo powder renders the finest shades of black and brown on hair without causing any side effects. The hair dye isn’t permanent and fades away over time, thus requiring re-application once every month, making it not just a safe hair colouring option, but also quite convenient—two main reasons why people are shifting from chemical dyes to organic and herbal hair dyes.

Why organic indigo powder?

Organic indigo powder is a natural hair dye that leaves a blue-black tint on hair. When combined with the orangish-red tint of henna, it leaves a jet black shade. The generic black hair dyes commonly available in the market mostly contain PPD, a dangerous chemical pigment that has been lab tested on mice to cause cancer, and in severe cases even death. Indus Valley’s organic indigo powder is 100% botanical, i.e. freshly plucked from plants, doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals like ammonia, PPD, resorcinols, parabens or bleach, and is never tested on animals, i.e. absolutely cruelty-free and vegan. And, while most of the indigo powders available in the market come as lumpy powders that are difficult to work with, Indus Valley’s organic indigo powder assures you a great user experience with its microfine texture that is easy to mix and apply. The microfine powder form also ensures that more colour gets released, more quickly.

As the famous proverb goes, “It’s not just a hair color, it’s a state of mind”, the organic indigo powder from the stables of Indus Valley proves the point. It is certified as organic by USDA Organic and ECOCERT. The indigo leaves are handpicked by dedicated farmhands from select Indian organic farms.

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Are organic hair colour powders suitable for all hair types?

Yes. Organic Indigo powder marketed by Indus Valley is the purest form of herbal hair dye that is suitable for all hair types. It is also extremely easy on the pocket. However, just a word of caution—some people might still be allergic to vegetables or pollens. Hence, before you start using it, it is recommended that you make sure to take the 48-hour patch test.

For more queries please feel free to talk to a beauty and health expert by leaving your comments below. Till then, stay natural, stay beautiful!