Masters of Business Administration distance education

correspondence MBA


The correspondence MBA in Ludhiana is a two-year program and it is one of the most preferred master’s level degree programs that are available in distance learning mode. MBA is called a Masters of Business Administration program correspondence MBA in Ludhiana program from LPU shall get ready to you for advantage in the future on a global position.  In the LPU distance MBA/part-time MBA Program, you will find that it is available in several specializations such as finance, operations, HR, marketing, public relations, and so on. You will get to learn how to get demanding situations in an upgrade, apply practical solutions to problems and ultimately drive the success of your LPU distance MBA organization via intelligent decision-making and advanced level business administration techniques that are required while working in the real-life industry.

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LPU distance MBA also includes relevant online components and we cooperate with online leaders for example Ripen, the digital marketing organization, salesforce, Tableau, and LPU distance MBA to keep our candidates updated with upcoming knowledge and technological trends. 

The business course is driven by new technologies

LPU distance MBA continues its evolution advancement towards becoming Vancouver’s tech-trading institute, university, or college. We’ve partnered with leading trading and tech firms, factories, or companies for example sales force, Amazon, Shopify, Facebook, and various others to incorporate their current information technology and expertise into the distance Master of Business Administration education courses.

Learning Methods

This course is communicated by a group of dedication and the biggest knowledgeable educator with various years of industry experience. This course program is also available on campus or online way. You will be learning via a combination of the following methods they are mention below:

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  • Lectures and class discussions
  • Studying academic literature
  • Looking closely at case studies
  • Listening to fellow classmates’ experiences

The necessity of Graduation Degree

MBA students must fulfill the needs of their record in the academic calendar in order to be capable to graduate. For full details about graduation capability, mention the current academic calendar here.

Profile of Class

Correspondence MBA in Ludhiana brings together candidates from all over the world, which leads to an increased distance learning education environment. The students not only learn from these course leaders, but also from each other. Candidates present various insights into matters or topics, based on their culture and background.

Graduates of the Distance MBA Course will be able to:

  • Respond strategically to trading challenges and chances.
  • Estimating ethical implications of trading activities.
  • Growing, implementing, and appreciating solutions to trading problems.
  • Trading decisions formulate and systematic analysis that reflects critical situation or their thinking also.
  • Effective skills, knowledge, and information technology of demonstrating collaboration with diverse teams of persons.
  • Lead group via the resolution of problems and successful completion of the program and their tasks.
  • Integrate personal importance and perspectives into problem-solving and get their responsibility for decisions.
  • Communicate their suggestion persuasively as an outcome via analysis of knowledge of information technology also.

Gather, analyze and synthesize skill, knowledge, or information for a trading and business context.