How to Ace Your CBSE Class 12 Physics Board Exam

How to Ace Your CBSE Class 12 Physics Board Exam
How to Ace Your CBSE Class 12 Physics Board Exam

Physics is a tough nut to crack. With the CBSE board exams right around the corner, the preparation phase is high right now. It is a common saying that the class 12 physics exam is one of the most challenging exams among all the other subjects. The vast syllabus, the varied topics spread across two books, the innumerous formulas and derivations all make this exam really daunting for the students.

Such a vast syllabus cannot be tackled without a proper study plan that works from the beginning of the session and continues forward. Pressurized studying near the exam time will not be too fruitful for this subject as the topics are to be understood rather than memorized.

It is also crucial for successfully preparing for the exam to study according to a plan and to prioritize the essential topics.

As the fear gets the better of us, here are some tricks and tips discussed to help you go for your exam confidently and ace your exam. 

Tips That Will Help You Ace Your Physics Class 12 Exam

Following the right books

The CBSE board strictly follows the NCERT physics class 12 books for its syllabus. This means that the question paper is set using this book. Following it will help you be on the same page as the examiners and help you have the most effective exam preparation. 


Memorizing is also an essential part of the preparation process. The students need to have the arithmetic formulas memorized for them to solve the arithmetic problems efficiently and correctly. This is an important part that is often understated, but it is a surefire way to guarantee plenty of marks in your class 12 physics exam.


The physics exam requires the student to call upon any given information from the syllabus’s entirety and derive it on the answer sheet. This is not possible without proper practice and focused training. Practicing every derivation at least three times is crucial as it helps you recall the derivations when required in the examination hall.

Don’t forget your diagrams

The NCERT physics class 12 examinations have a mandatory question based on drawing, be it a device, diagram, or graph. In the course of the enormous syllabus, students often forget to pay attention to these diagrams’ little details, which can be a significant flaw in their preparation. 

Memorizing the important labels of a diagram is just as important as memorizing the derivations for your physics class 12 examinations. This helps in getting guaranteed full marks in that particular question as well.

Practice tests are the way to go

Practice tests are the most important tip for preparing yourself for the main exams. Setting the timer of 3 hours as your actual exam and giving a practice test helps you prepare mentally and physically for the exam. It is also the best way to get a precise result on how well your preparations are going and which parts you need to work on harder.

Practice tests are best when they are done on official NCERT practice papers that are available online. These papers also come with Physics NCERT solutions for you to check your answers and score yourself appropriately. The solutions also help you learn how to frame your answers to get the best marks in your examination.


Note-taking or creating notes is a skill that needs to be developed. For the students that have been able to master this skill, you will see how their hard work pays off on their report cards. Making notes on every topic of the subject works in two ways. It deepens your understanding of the topic and helps you solidify the knowledge in your head. Secondly, it is excellent for revisions when you are done with your studies, and going through the whole book again is too overwhelming.

Having an effective study plan

As mentioned earlier, a study plan is necessary for good preparations for your examination. This study plan differs from person to person. The ways in which it has to be created are similar for all. 

The first thing is to pick the amount of time you will spend studying this subject per day. Depending on your expertise on the subject of your current position in the syllabus, this will vary from person to person.

The second important thing is prioritizing the topics that you are interested in and think are essential for the examination. This way, you will understand your strong points and weak points and will be able to create your own exam strategy accordingly.

Go through the official board syllabus

This is important for you to understand the importance of the various topics in your syllabus. It also gives you information about the weightage of each topic in terms of marks. This will help you create your own exam strategy to divide the syllabus on your merit and understanding and prepare for the examination.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What are some things that you should pay attention to while studying for the Class 12 Physics Exam?

Answer: Preparing definitions, formulae and theorems are not enough for the final board exams. Students often forget to pay sufficient attention to the diagrams and graphs. Class 12 Students need to study and memorize the graphs, diagrams, and related equations and explanations carefully to derive a few extra marks. 

Addition of diagrams and graphs to make your answer more information will help you attain a full score. Presentation of your answer sheet matters as it improves your paper’s readability and draws the examiner’s attention to important points of your answers.

Q2. What is the most important thing you should do before starting to revise your Physics Syllabus? 

Answer: After completing your whole Physics Class 12 Syllabus, you should get all your doubts resolved by the teacher. Only after resolving your doubts should you begin with your revision. Even the slightest difficulty in understanding a concept may lead to the deduction of marks on your answer sheet. 

Not only that, if your doubts remain unsolved, your foundation of introductory class 12 Physics will be weak. Therefore, you will encounter problems when going for higher studies like in Engineering, BSc subjects, and more.