How to come up with a stage name if you are a music artist

How to come up with a stage name if you are a music artist

Having a stage name is the foundation of any singer’s or band’s requirements. It helps to make you stand out from the crowd and give you a distinct identity. Before we go into details, you should know the basics of having a stage name as a performer.   

What Is a Stage Name for an artist?  

A stage name is referred to as a pseudonym to an artist name, or is a professional name that a stage performer adopts to represent himself or herself as an artist publicly.   

A stage name can have parts of the artist’s legal name or entirely a unique and different name. Artists adopt stage names for different reasons namely, paying homage to a loved ones or inspiration or the artist or differentiating themselves from the artists crowd if there is already a person in the industry.   

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What Is the Purpose of having a Stage Name  

Singers, artists or bands use stage names for a number of different reasons, such as:  

To avoid confusion: Some artists use stage name to avoid very common names in the industry or with the other performers of the same name. For example, actress Diane Keaton (birth name Diane Hall), adopted her mother’s maiden name when she found out that another working actress was going by that name.  

To cultivate a persona and unique identity: A singer, artist, band, or performer may adopt a stage name to resonate his/her personality for a stage performance. For instance, Lana Del Rey—born Elizabeth Woolridge Grant—chosen a stage name that evokes the Hollywood ingenués the inspiration behind her.  

To Simplify their names: Certain artists with longer or more complicated names choose stage names that are easy for people to remember or pronounce. For instance, actor Aaron Paul goes by his first name and middle name, because casting directors could not pronounce his last name, “Sturtevant.”  

To avoid being pigeonholed: Some performers change their names to avoid being stereotyped by the music industry. Such is the case with Peter Gene Hernandez, who adopted the stage name “Bruno Mars” to avoid being stereotyped as a Latin singer.  

Paying tribute: Some artists and entertainers choose a stage name to honor their inspiration, favorite characters, and artists. Actress Olivia Wilde’s real name is Olivia Cockburn. She chose “Wilde” her surname as a homage to Oscar Wilde and the other writers in her family and that name was widely recognizable and got her many free song promotion deal.  

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Process of coming up with a stage name  

Many artists in the music industry have built careers on their preferred stage names.   

Follow following steps to come up with your own unique name:   

  1. Try variations of your actual name. Use your first name creatively and use it as your professional name. You can also select letters from your full name and rearrange a mid alphabet may be to sound more creative. Like artist Halsey—whose birth name is Ashley Frangipane.  
  1. You can also use a childhood nickname and make people aware of it and use it as an inspiration. If you had a creative nickname of your childhood that you particularly cherished, you can use or alter your name thereof as your moniker.  
  1. You can also pick a word that embodies your genre and style. Stage names are meant to embody your image. For example Guns N’ Roses lead guitarist‘s gritty stage name “Slash.”   
  1. Apart from above, if you admire a specific style or word that resonates your personality, you can flaunt it on stage and get famous.   

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Wrapping up-   

Remember, think about music artists who inspire you the most. Take references of the artists who inspire you the most. You can also take inspiration from a musician, author, or music director and create a name of your own. Brainstorm a couple of ideas. Go through the list of favorite name ideas you have created and finalise the one that suits you the best.   

Choose a name that is funky and embodies your persona.