Mapmarker API


The Mapmarker API is a powerful tool to add map markers. Its various attributes let you customize the pins’ colors, icons, size, and other features. It also provides an easy way to associate data models with specific markers. You can use the icon property to specify a custom icon or a default icon. This allows you to create an image centered on a certain location. The Mapmarker API can also be used to add text to maps.

To create a map marker, the first step is to use the mapmarker API. This is done using the “set Animation” function, which will automatically start the animation when the marker is placed on the map. It will continue to play until you explicitly set it to null. To use the “draggable” feature, you need to set the size parameter to 0. This method will automatically create a bouncing icon with a specific size. The next step is to use the ‘drop’ function, which will add an icon to a Map object.

You can also add a map marker to a web page. This function lets you place text and images on the map. Its default color is white. In contrast, a custom icon is colored with a specific shade. Its offset parameter is -3. It can be used to shift the text horizontally or vertically. For custom icons, you can use a hex-code to set the font style and the background color.

The Mapmarker API is very easy to use and allows you to create custom map markers. You can create new map markers with the API or simply modify the existing ones. It is very flexible and easy to integrate with other applications. The API offers many options to make your map presentation more appealing and interactive. You can even generate a custom icon and add it to your own website. The only limitation is your imagination. You can use it in your applications.

You can create custom markers with the Mapmarker API. If you want to create a customized marker, you can also use the Mapmarker API to generate your custom icons. With the Mapmarker API, you can use fonts to add context to your maps. The size and aspect ratio of the icons can be customized for your own needs. You can use these attributes to customize the icons for your website. If you are developing a web-based app, you can customize the colors to suit your branding.

Besides the basic options, you can also use the Font Awesome API. Unlike the Google Mapmarker API, the Mapmarker API allows you to create custom icons using your own custom colors. You can create your own icon with Font Awesome. If you use the Mapmarker API, you can create a personalized marker. You can create a circular label with your own logo. The text can be any color you want, but it must be a square or rectangular icon.

You can use the Mapmarker API to create custom markers on your map. You can also use the Mapmarker API to create heat maps or geographical coordinates. By utilizing the Mapmarker API, you can create custom icons. For example, you can import an icon from your own SVG files. You can also upload a marker with geographic coordinates. Another option is to upload a custom icon from your computer. Then, you can add your own GeoJSONs with the marker.

If you want to create custom markers, you can use the Mapmarker API. The API can be used for mapping and editing. Moreover, you can change the marker’s icon by using the fonts or the icons. You can customize the color of the icon by setting its style. The Fonts used in the icon will also appear in the map. You can also add text and icons on the marker. For example, you can write “map” in the location of the destination.

The Mapmarker API has many advantages. The map’s background color can match the colors of the surrounding area. If you want to use a specific font, you can select an icon with the text. You can also add your own icons. The Google Mapmarker API accepts any image with the hex code of the marker’s font. You can make a map with your favorite text or images. In addition to the Google MapInfo Pro, you can also download a JavaScript for your application.