Top Reasons Why React Native Is A Perfect Choice For Startups

React Native

There is one platform that you can never ignore when it comes to app development. Launched in 2015, React Native is an open-source Java-Script-based development platform. It’s well known for allowing cross-platform development & excellent user experience.

Any React Native Development Company can design iOS & Android apps by using the singular database. This can help save a lot of time & resources; it’s otherwise necessary to create apps for two different platforms.

The versatility of React Native, its ability to offer app development with equal efficacy across all types of applications. With a highly intuitive UI, it’s one of the most preferred platforms by almost every React Development Native Company, especially startups.

In this blog, we will explain why React Native is an excellent choice for Startups.

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Why is React Native the right choice for Startups?

For every Startup, the core goal is exponential growth & minimal utilisation of resources. React Native fits both criteria. Let us explain to you how.

React Native is highly scalable & designed to grow with the growing Business. So if you own a startup, you would like to build a scalable app, right? That’s where React Native comes in. All apps built using React Native are highly scalable & fit your Business profile. That’s the reason why rapidly growing organisations like Salesforce & Pinterest use React Native to build their apps.

On top of that, a React Native Development Company can save almost half of the development time while developing cross platform apps. The reason is they can utilise the same code for all the platforms. Although this stands true for every Cross-Platform framework, nothing beats React Native as it enjoys the support from Facebook (Now Meta) itself. Therefore, by reducing the coding task to half, Startups can save a lot of time and money on building an app.

So as a startup, when you are working on deadlines, want to preserve your resources & want scalability, there’s no other option better than React Native.

Now let’s take a look at the reasons why React Native is a perfect choice for Startups.

6 Reasons why Startups love React Native

As discussed above, every Startup needs to focus a lot on minimising the use of resources & turnaround time. React Native has proven time & again that it’s a perfect choice for organisations that want an edge over their competitors by delivering excellent results.

Here is the list of 5 reasons why Startups love React Native

  • Access to a Large Talent Pool

React Native has been here for almost a decade now. It’s simple logic that you can access a large talent pool specialising in React Native. A larger talent pool means you get more options at a considerably reasonable price. You can either hire freelance from platforms like Upwork or even hire an agency or team to create React Native App. The pricing is highly variable, depending on the complexity of the task & the talent you seek.

  • Cost-Effective

As the number of iOS users & Android users is constantly rising, it makes no sense to ignore any of them. So you must build an app for both platforms. But investing time & funding in two separate development projects can prove costly.

Thanks to Native React, you can build an app for two platforms with half the Time & Budget. Moreover, React Native is free to use & hence you won’t be spending anything on Licensing fees. This is a major reason why Startups prefer React Native over competitors.

  • More Time to Market

For any app to be successful & viral, people must have a pretty idea about it, even before it hits the store. Building hype around an app can help in its growth & spread. But if your app development itself takes up a lot of time, you won’t have enough time to market it.

Fortunately, the development time for React Native apps is almost halved. Reason?

Both iOS & Android apps using React Native have almost 90% common code. That’s half of the time saved on the development. You can use this extra time on marketing your app & generating enough hype to make it go viral.

  • Reusable Components

Every React Native application is designed as multiple parts, jam-packed into a single module. However, each & every part here is easily customizable. And you can use all these parts or reusable components on iOS & Android alike. Such Reusable elements make the coding &, ultimately, the development super fast & hassle-free.

  • Web to Mobile

This is the feature of React Native that we love a lot. If you develop a web app using React Native, it’s super easy to transform it into a mobile app. In addition, the highly user-friendly & flexible UI of React Native shows a clear visualisation of the final product. Moreover, the Web-apps created by React Native use PWA and can be easily converted into Mobile apps. So if you are using React Native, you can build a single app across iOS, Android & Web alike. Isn’t it amazing?

  • Readymade Tools & Libraries

In the present times, every Startup needs the results quickly. So if you too are looking to get your app readied superfast, React Native is a great choice. Why? Because it comes pre-loaded with They are nothing else but a collection of multiple React Native parts across the platforms. These libraries & tools can prove to be of great assistance during the development process & can cut the development time to half.


Even after a decade of its launching, React Native shows no signs of exhaustion. Instead, it keeps rising in terms of popularity & features. And if you are a budding startup, it’s critical to have an application that’s cost-effective, highly scalable & designed to handle the increasing traffic. And when you choose React Native for your app development, you can stay reassured about these factors.

With its highly adaptive features, Startups can create awe-inspiring, cross-platform mobile applications that can propel their growth. We hope this guide on why React Native is a good choice for Startups will help you make the right decision for your app development. If you need some more information on how to create React Native App, feel free to reach out.