Rudraksh Immigration Mohali shares the impact of the pandemic on overseas education and policies!

Rudraksh Immigration Mohali
Rudraksh Immigration Mohali on the impact of covid on overseas education

Thousands of students travel to foreign countries from India to pursue higher education every year. Until 2019, this number has seen a multi fold growth in magnitude year after year. Just in the last decade, the number of Indian students travelling abroad for study and job opportunities has seen astronomical rise.

The experts in the field of overseas education consultancy, Rudraksh Immigration Mohali, have seen a considerable drop in the number of students enrolled for the higher education programs in 2021.

The reasons are not too hard to fathom. There is a sense of uncertainty in the minds of potential students after what we all have witnessed last year. But Rudraksh Immigration Group is confident that the worst is already behind us. We need to concentrate our energy and resources on what is to come and learn from what has passed. There is no point in sitting in the corner, being afraid of what might happen. The world has seen the worst and we all have come stronger at the end of it.

We must make sure that we don’t waste any more time in pursuing our dreams. The trend must go on and a ton of Indian students who had enrolled themselves last year, have postponed their plans to this year. It is only a matter of time before Indian students start resuming the sessions in the universities abroad. As a matter of fact, the universities abroad are taking some measures to ensure the increased number applications from foreign students.

These measures include:

  • IELTS Relaxation

In order to promote applications from foreign students, some universities in various countries have lowered the IELTS score required to apply for visa. In addition to that, some of the other language proficiency tests have also been recognised as valid documents to prove one’s command on the English language apart from IELTS and TOEFL. This is a great opportunity for Indian students to get easy admissions to the universities abroad.

  • Scholarships

Some universities abroad are offering additional scholarships to encourage students to come and study there. This might include a little bonus to the students which can help students get by the first year of their college without having to worry about finding a part time job. This can take a lot of stress off the students which will allow them to concentrate on coping up with new culture and studies.

  • Fee-relaxations

A few universities are offering massive cut in tuition fees for the courses. There might not be a complete waiver of the entire tuition fees, but there is a substantial cut to attract students to join the universities abroad and pursue the studies and job of their dreams.

Rudraksh Group Mohali considers this as the best time to start applying for jobs abroad taking advantage of huge attractions and offers from the foreign universities in a bid to entice more foreign students to study there.