7 Steps To Find A Good Job

7 Steps To Find A Good Job

At first glance, it seems that finishing the degree and entering the labor market is as natural and simple as it was to move to the next year at university, but once we find ourselves in that situation we are faced with reality: finding a good employment is not that easy and we may feel quite lost on how to begin the search. This is the fault of the very little job orientation they provide us during our years of study; But do not despair: following a series of simple steps, we can do it.

1. Stay Active

The routines of going to class every day, doing assignments, preparing for exams are over… Now we are immersed in the dynamics of looking for work and we may feel a bit overwhelmed. The most important thing is to stay active and set a schedule so that we don’t waste time or fall into depression. You have to force yourself to maintain a regular schedule, because being unemployed can cause us to become lazy and end up not doing anything productive with our days. At least during the week, we must get up early and spend several hours searching for a job.

2. Create a Good Resume

The first step is to have an adequate curriculum that we can distribute among the different places where we would like to work. Although we do not have much experience yet, we can make a good resume if we use our creativity to enhance our personal brand and attach a good cover letter with help of ghost writing in which we talk about our desire and motivation. Differentiating the curriculum from the possible competition will be very useful to us to stand out in a selection process. it will also expand our possibilities, because we can send an electronic document with the same legal validity as the official title to anywhere in the world with just one click, ensuring access to a much larger and current job market.

3. Create a Profile On LinkedIn and Check Your Social Networks

If we want to qualify for a good position and give a good image, our social networks must reflect it. We are no longer students who post the first thing that comes to mind on their networks: it is important to take care of our image in networks because companies are going to do searches to see who we are. On the other hand, having a professional profile on LinkedIn is also advisable to find good contacts in our sector.

4. Take Advantage of your University’s Resources

All the faculties have agreements with companies or internship programs that may be of great interest to us at work. You just have to go to the corresponding department of our faculty, register and deliver our curriculum.

5. Sign Up for the Strike

Not only do they help us with the active job search, but they also offer a multitude of free courses that can be very useful to complement our training.

6. Sign Up for Job Boards and Deliver Resumes in Person

The Internet is a fantastic tool to find a job that we must use every day, but, if we want to find a good job, it is not enough to sign up for all the job boards that the Network provides us, we must also deliver resumes in person because this is how we demonstrate initiative and we can take advantage of it to make a good first impression.

7. Contacts

Practicing networking, talking with our teachers, attending courses, seminars, congresses and conferences will be a great opportunity to network and meet other professionals in our sector. Being present, having many contacts and showing interest is the best way to find a good job.