What Is Unbundling and How Can It Help You To Save?


The age of streaming is well and truly here and with it, an entirely new outlook on how we consume entertainment on a daily basis. Whilst once a TV package subscription was the only way to keep on top of your favorite shows, movies, and sports, we’re now seeing a complete shift, with many now opting to watch using their streaming service of choice, or a combination of streaming platforms, for the best viewing experience. Zen Internet has looked into this shift and has provided an in-depth look at how the world of TV and broadband has been changing around us – read below to see what they found.

What Is Unbundling?

One major point that Zen looked into was the idea of unbundling – this is the process of splitting your TV and broadband packages into two separate subscriptions, with many different benefits on show. Zen’s research shows that 1.7m people have already unsubscribed from broadband and TV bundles, citing poor value as their reason for unbundling – this appears to be a very common issue, with consumers often paying way over the odds for the service they’re receiving when signing up for bundles as opposed to separate subscriptions.

Why Would You Unbundle?

The obvious reason to unbundle your subscriptions is value – many bundle deals do not offer the best individual price for TV and broadband packages, so you may often find that you’re being overcharged for the service that you’re receiving. By unbundling, you’re able to find the best deal for each service separately, meaning you can often find a pair of subscriptions that provide better value for money. If you are considering unbundling, don’t think you’re alone; of the 10 million UK households that currently have a TV/Broadband bundle, 2 million have considered unbundling – that’s 20% of all bundle subscribers, with over 1.7m already having done so!

TV Subscriptions vs Streaming

When we look into the price breakdowns of both streaming and TV packages, it’s easy to see why so many are making the jump to streaming, with significantly lower costs showing across the board. The average streaming service breaks down to a cost of around 23p per hour watched – this is five and a half times less expensive than the average TV sports package, which works out at an eye-watering £1.30 per hour watched. However, despite this clear gulf in price, many households still appear to be apprehensive about completely unsubscribing from their TV package, with 2.9m feeling that they are paying too much for their subscription, but admitting that they don’t want to lose access to them due to the fear of missing out. This is particularly true with sports channels such as Sky Sports and BT Sport, where much of the world’s premier sports are broadcast live and exclusively, meaning fans must be subscribed if they don’t want to miss out on the action.

For those who are looking to make the jump to streaming platforms, it’s vital that your broadband package is up to speed and ability to handle the added demand that is about to be thrust onto it. Streaming services can often put a little more strain on your bandwidth than before, especially if there are multiple users streaming at once or if you’re watching in UHD quality, so be wary about the limitations that you may face with slower broadband packages. To check out what upgrades are available for your current broadband package or to switch to something more capable of handling the higher demand, get in touch with Zen Internet today! They have packages to suit every price bracket, coupled with award-winning service and coverage, making your home the ideal place to stream all day long.