The Best Guide About Cable Tray and Cable Tray Accessories

cable tray

A cable tray is used for safety and additional opportunities when laying electric mains.

The use of special elements during the installation of electric mains – ducts, allows, without significant costs, to create cable routes that are reliable in operation, upgrading them as necessary.

Boxes or cable trays are produced on roll forming machines, eliminating the formation of sharp edges, which is facilitated by the design of this element.

The effective use of such equipment and high-quality sheet steel makes it possible to obtain boxes with accurate parameters, which allows them to be used as the basis for the installation of power lines for various purposes.

These are hollow metal channels, often provided with a special coating:

  • zinc;
  • priming;
  • thermal diffusion application;
  • epoxy coating,

which, creating additional protection, prolonging the life of the highway.

Optimum Choice of Necessary Equipment

The industry produces several types of cable trays, which are presented on the pages of the store:

  • metal non-perforated cable trays are made of steel grade OH-MT 2 08 PS with a thickness of 0.55 mm to 2 mm. 
  • The process is carried out on specialized rolling machines, or on sheet-bending equipment. A blind galvanized tray can be supplied with a lid, then its design includes a side with a lock that allows you to securely fix the lid. 
  • Also, the design can be of an open type – without a cover, however, in any case, the design of the box provides for stiffening ribs located on its sides and bottom, which increases their strength characteristics.
  • perforated cable trays have molded holes at the bottom, which gives the products greater rigidity. They are made from the same steel grade and can also be made with or without a lid. They are used for pulling power lines with a voltage of not more than 1000 V.

In addition to these products, widely used in the laying of cable lines and presented in our store, for efficient installation and use of highways in specific conditions:

  • Atomic industry;
  • aggressive environments;
  • harsh climate;
  • heavy cable weight.

Metal cable ladders can be used, which contribute to greater reliability of the use of the main types of boxes.

Cable Tray Accessories

Using a cable tray is one of the most convenient ways to organize a cable route.

The tray allows you to compactly arrange the cable and, along with the use of cable tray accessories, limit the wire from mechanical stress and at the same time protect it from possible damage. 

Based on the degree of load and conditions of use, such units can be of several types:

  • wire – designed for organizing cable infrastructure in the room;
  • perforated and non-perforated – used to organize electrical, communication systems;
  • cablerost – for the creation of cable lines and wires.

During installation, great importance is given to the fastening elements of the tray.

Depending on the type of tray, accessories of a certain size are selected. 

The unit is fixed to the wall using a bracket for the tray, the price of which in our online store is affordable and acceptable.

In the catalog you can choose the bracket of the desired size and type.

After laying the wires or cable, the structure must be closed with a special lid for the tray, which provides a high degree of protection of the contents in the event of a dangerous situation for the cable.

Cable Tray Accessory Selection Criteria

Tray bracket in some cases is used when mounting to the ceiling or to the wall.

The cover on the tray serves as an excellent means of protecting equipment from high humidity, as well as from the influence of natural phenomena (rain, snow).

In addition, this element makes the tray more rigid due to the additional structure. There are two ways to attach the cover:

  • With a spring clip;
  • Without latch (using a regular latch).
  • Model Specifications 

Our online store offers customers a wide range of accessories to securely fasten the tray. In the presence of always there are brackets and covers for the tray of all kinds. 

The presented accessories are made of high-quality galvanized steel, and the Sendemir method is used in the production process, in which the product receives a protective layer of zinc from 10 to 20 microns.

All models of tray covers have standard dimensions:

  • length – 3000 mm;
  • width – 50 – 500 mm;
  • height – 15 mm;
  • metal thickness – 0.8 mm.

The weight of the caps depends on the type of model chosen.

On our website you can order a bracket with the desired parameters.

All models have a coating guarantee (anti-corrosion effect for 10 years). The products can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Benefits of Cooperation With Us

Power Engineering is a company that values ​​the time and resources of its customers. That is why we are happy to deliver high-quality products to our customers on time. 

Buying a cable tray in Pakistan in our online store means purchasing a durable, reliable and wear-resistant product.

We offer you only the best conditions for cooperation, a flexible system of discounts as well as confidence in the durability of the goods and full compliance of products with all quality standards and norms.

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