Top Advantages in studying Math in High School

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Top Advantages in studying Math in High School

For many students, math can be the bane of their schooling life and depending on the student, can prove to be a very challenging subject. Many even look for online math tutor to help them with their grades. As such, we often see many students questioning the purpose of learning advanced math in high school or higher education. 

It would seem prevalent that many students do not seem to acknowledge the benefits that studying math in schools can bring them. Hence, this article strives to correct that misinformation, and explain just how learning math can serve you in the long run!

Advantages of learning Math in High School 

  1. Math helps us in our problem-solving skills.

One of the most obvious and practical benefits of learning math in schools is that it develops our problem-solving skills, which would naturally have its benefits in our everyday lives.  

It trains us to look at the world around us through an analytical lens early on, and aid us in quick thinking when it comes to everyday tasks, like calculating the prices and discounts of your groceries, tabulating your work timings, etc.

  1. Math improves the development of our brains.

Many studies have proven that students who have studied math in their curriculums show a larger grey-matter volume in certain areas of their brains responsible for cognitive thinking. Hence, improving these students’ overall intelligence!

Similar to how one may go for daily jogs to exercise their muscles, studying math is like exercise for the brain! It is theorised that since math trains us in pattern recognition and connection building, students who study math are able to use these skills in a much more effective manner. 

  1. Studying math in High School can help in securing you a job.

Given that we live in the age of technology, it is only natural that our markets require more people who qualify to work in technological industries. The world has witnessed a whopping 27.3% increase in growth in the tech industries between 2018 and 2019 alone, leaving it as one of the fastest-growing industries out there. 

Aside from technology, there are many other industries that require their workers to have math skills to qualify them to work. Such industries include healthcare, education, finance, etc. 

Not to mention, math is oftentimes a prerequisite for many college courses, that can help students in attaining their relevant degrees to work in the future.

  1. Math can help you manage your finances better.

In light of the recent COVID-19 pandemic, many have unfortunately lost their jobs or had to struggle financially to keep themselves and their families afloat. As such, the overall population has now been faced with the importance of financial management. 

Thus, having good math skills is absolutely crucial in unforeseen situations such as these where finances need to be carefully monitored and managed. It can also aid students who study math in the long run, by ensuring that they save enough for their own futures.

Now that we’ve addressed some of the best advantages of studying math in high school, let us now explore how we can better ourselves at it! 

How to improve your Math skills

Needless to say, math is a subject that requires frequent practice to ensure that you excel in it. Daily math exercises are recommended so that students are able to internalise the methods of solving certain problems better. 

With that being said, however, math requires our mistakes to be corrected relatively quickly, before we’ve forgotten how we’ve even come to make that mistake in the first place! 

Hence, many opt for private Singapore math tuition to ensure that they get quality time with their tutors one-on-one to look through their work and correct their mistakes as soon as possible. Through hard work and some extra help, students are certain to secure great math results in the future!