Understanding SAP ERP Products and their Basic Modules


SAP is the leading manufacturers and suppliers of the range of smart and robust ERP software solutions. This German company has been creating the software solutions for the businesses of all sizes and types from startups and small scale businesses to midsize marketers to larger enterprises and for all domains. Be it pharma, chemicals, f&B, jewelry, automotive, etc. SAP has got specific solutions as per the industry. Also, the solutions can also be customized to fit the unique requirements of the users. 

Where many people doubt about the SAP Business One pricing or its uses in larger enterprises only, it is surprising to know the fact that the majority of SAP users are small to midsize marketers. This is because of the fact that SAP creates solutions for all business types and sizes, plus the easy payment and subscription methods makes it even easier for small businesses to adopt it seamlessly.

So, if you too are a business leader, no matter what size your business is, confidently make a smart move towards the digital world and achieve your goals to best fit ERP software from the range of SAP products. Although there are multiple modules available in the SAP products, there are some of the common modules that all SAP products possess, no matter which product it is, and we must have a look at the same.

Modules of SAP ERP software Products

The ERP products manage the day-to-day functions of the business that otherwise, takes a lot of time of the users. The ERP software automates those mundane tasks and empowers the users to create and innovate. Here are some common modules of the ERP software:

Inventory Management: This module ensures all the items/raw materials stored in the market are well monitored and managed to avoid the out of stock situation or over stock situation. It keeps a tab on the overall inventory department, no matter how many inventory/warehouse stores you have, SAP products like SAP Business one keeps a close eye on the entire warehouse/inventory management. 

Finance/Accounting: No need to put the data at risk with manual reporting and data entering. SAP ERP products manage your entire finance and accounting department with greater efficiency and accuracy. It allows the accuracy in the transactions and each transaction is pre approved that makes GST filing tasks much easier.

Sales and Supplying: SAP products keep a close tab on each raw material or item produced. The batch coding on each item produced keeps a check on the movement of the order. This ensures that the order is reaching the right location and at the right time. Plus the advanced management software maintains the record of all the trusted suppliers and vendors and sends them the timely alerts as and when required. This again ensures the timely deliveries.

CRM: The robust SAP products maintain the record of loyal customers and automatically alert them in case of special offers or discounts or other deals for them. This builds trust and care in users for the businesses and thus impacting the sales of the business.

That’s it for ERP software products. If you too are searching for your best-fit ERP software, do reach out to your trusted ERP software partners for the same.